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12 Sep 2022

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Tech Tip: Slider into stellar learning goals

Elicit feedback, perspective, and personalization with slider question types on Kahoot!

Take on learning goals and curriculum outcomes across all content areas with Kahoot! slider question types! Learn how to customize both experience and achievement with personalized scales and ranges, as well as point value and accuracy scores.

Incorporate Kahoot! slider into your next kahoot

Level-up classroom discussion and reflection with slider question content! With each question prompt, students drag and drop a “pin” to mark a numerical value and answer.

Slide in slider questions in your next kahoot! Here’s how:

  1. Login to your Kahoot! account via 
  2. Select a ready-made kahoot from the Discover page, or browse from content within your own Library
  3. Navigate to Edit Mode and “Add a question” within the Creator
  4. Select “Slider” from the listed question types
  5. Add the correct number answer within the slider scale. Kahoot! question generators will automatically scale the number range to fit the selected answer.
  6. Include a label for the Slider scale.
  7. Select the associated point value for the question.
  8. Browse and choose relevant media from our premium image library, GIFs browser, or video search tools.

Make an impact with your class

Kahoot! slider has slid into many different classroom environments, and teachers and Creators have incorporated slider to fit a range of ages, grade bandwidths, and readiness levels! Level-up learning and make for interactive experiences with slider.

  • Review milestones and dates in history by scaling a Slider range across years, decades, and centuries
  • Take note of measurements and metrics with scales that include temperatures, lengths, and accumulations.
  • Include estimation (and guess-timation) work by reviewing volume metrics and quantitative data within a range

Slider is available for all users with Kahoot!+ Premier, Kahoot!+ Max, and Kahoot! EDU subscriptions. Unlock this feature for your account today!