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Spread cheer with these Kahoot! holiday season ideas

‘Tis the season for spreading joy and cheer! Lighten up the room, whether it’s in the classroom, the living room, or the board room, with these special holiday season ideas and Kahoot! gifts to make this winter season awesome.


If you’re new to Kahoot! or you are already a Kahoot!’ing fan, we want to make sure you are having a blast this holiday season no matter where, how, or with whom you are celebrating! Check out these festive treats to create awesome celebrations!

Keep yourself on your mistle-toes with a holiday calendar

Have some fun with friends, family, students or colleagues, with this year’s Kahoot! holiday calendar! Unwrap winter-ful daily surprises of new features, premium content, customizable characters, and more during the whole season! Check back in every day from December 1 to January 7 for daily surprises! 

Sign up for daily surprises or explore the holiday calendar now!

Holiday season ideas


Find ready-to-play content we snow you’ll love

Sleigh the holidays by playing premium ready-to-use winter and holiday-themed kahoots and interactive resources to spread the cheer everywhere! Connect with your loved ones, learn in the classroom, or energize an activity with your colleagues, and let the fun begin as soon as you hit play! Looking to kickstart awesomeness right away? Try these top picks: 

Holiday season ideas

Winter holidays

Make the most of these special days exploring a variety of kahoots around winter’s magic, traditions, vocabulary, and much more! 

Holiday season ideas

December celebrations

Expand your cultural understanding during your celebrations with these kahoots about wonderful religious celebrations in December.

Holiday season ideas

Holiday vocabularty

Spread the holiday cheer by learning how to say these 10 common seasonal words in Norwegian, German, and Spanish!

Raise the brrr on your kahoots with premium themes 

Use premium festive themes in the Kahoot! creator to give a magical touch to ready-to-use or self-created games. They’ll be the perfect bow for your Kahoot! treats!

Available only on Kahoot!+ Premier, Kahoot!+ Max, and Kahoot!+ 360 Pro Max plans (get over 35% off this holiday season for schoolhome, and work plans).


Holiday season ideas    Holiday season ideas


Personalize your play with new holiday characters

Want to play a kahoot and be a donkey with a Santa Claus hat or a gingerbread cookie with earmuffs? With new customizable characters, you can let your imagination fly with up to 700 different combinations of illustrated characters and accessories to express yourself! Are you ready to stand out during your holiday celebrations? 

Holiday season ideas


Get into the groove with festive lobby music 

Fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la! Gather some magical vibes and spread the holiday season spirit everywhere with the special Christmas lobby music to use with any kahoot you’re playing this season! When you host your kahoot, just select Lobby music in the Settings section and choose Christmas!



Have a merry celebration with game modes

Give a twist to your fun with all-new game modes! Accumulate correct answers and achieve challenging missions: hunt for gems in Treasure trove, grow your team’s empire in Color kingdom or boost your submarine and escape from the hungry fish in Submarine squad. 

Holiday season ideas


This is the season of gifting, so we have one last very special end-of-the-year present for you! Check out our holiday season offers for work, school, or home to unlock the ultimate holiday package! 

We are wishing all Kahoot!’ers around the world a merry and bright holiday season full of heart-warming and special moments! 

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