How teachers around the world are gamifying learning!

We know that students love gaming but yesterday at the Kahoot! EDU Meetup we were thrilled to find out how much teachers love playing our new game experiences as well! We had the opportunity to hear how teachers around the world are using each one of our unique game experiences to level up student engagement in their classrooms. We also got to hear directly from their students, who experience the fun firsthand! 

In case you missed it or want to revisit any of your favorite sessions, you can read below for a brief recap of each session and rewatch on-demand!

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What’s new for Kahoot! at School

For our 10th anniversary of making learning awesome, Sean D’Arcy, VP of Kahoot! at School, highlighted how far we’ve come since our first classroom experiment with a look at all our latest and most exciting new features, including new question types, student passes, and new game experiences! We’re so thankful for the constant support from teachers over the past 10 years that we feel now more than ever with over 40 million game mode participants and over 800 million characters personalized! That’s a lot of awesome learning happening around the world!

Teachers also got a sneak peek at the soon-to-be-released Kahoot! Puzzles, and were invited to try our BETA version! Finally, we got an update on the ever-growing Kahoot! Marketplace for premium ready-made content from verified educators, where all teachers can now start creating and monetizing custom-themed courses and track their sales in the seller’s dashboard. There’s never been a better time for teachers to jump on the opportunity to join the creator economy! 

Gamify classroom engagement with Kahoot!

What’s your favorite Kahoot! character and accessory combination? Padraic, Director of Product at Kahoot!, revealed our most popular characters and announced even more great characters and accessories coming soon to add to the nearly limitless possibilities for your students! In addition to taking us through all the unique play experiences of each of our current game modes, we were also excited to announce that all question types with points are now supported in every game mode!

Teachers tuning in also got to play our newest game experience, Tallest Tower, with Kahoot! Ambassador, Steve Sherman, while Louisa Rosenheck, Director of Learning Design at Kahoot!, discussed the pedagogy built into each one of our game experiences. With a different game mode for every mood, Louisa illustrated the variety in our game experiences, allowing teachers to cater to individual learning styles and class needs!

K!offee kahoots with Alwin Reclusado and Gina Ruffcorn

What would the Kahoot! EDU Meetup be without awesome kahoots from our ambassadors that are both fun and educational! Alwin Reclusado, a math teacher at Xavier School in the Philippines, took the opportunity to go in-depth on his students’ favorite game mode, Color Kingdom. His kahoot tested our knowledge of the game mode and shared videos made by his students explaining why it’s their favorite! 

Gina Ruffcorn, a 5th-grade teacher at West Harrison Community School in Iowa, USA, closed out our meetup with a recap of all the different player formats and dynamics available in Kahoot! and how she uses game modes with her students! Both K!offee kahoot sessions were great for getting both the teacher and student perspectives of all our new game experiences!

Inspire learners of all ages and backgrounds with Kahoot! game modes

Charles ‘Chuck’ Rogers is an English teacher at IKEDA Elementary School in Japan and a self-proclaimed hardcore Kahoot!’er for 5+ years! Chuck shared with us his tips and tricks for bringing each game mode into your classroom with incredible videos created together with his students! He explores the unique characteristics of every game mode and how he applies them to his lesson content!

Understanding Neurodiversity

In this panel discussion, Louisa Rosenheck, Director of Learning Design at Kahoot!, leads a conversation around inclusive play with Andrea Hernandez, Inclusion Advisor Specialist at the Lego Foundation, Jamila Reid, Program Director at Invest in Play, Kristine Denton, Manager of Education with Social Cipher, and Akshat Saxena, Asst. Manager of Resource Development and Innovation for Mom’s belief. These panelists talked about why play is such a great way to support neurodiverse learners, and how each of them are representing the importance of diverse learning experiences, as seen in The Lego Foundation’s initiative, Learning Through Play. For information about how you can put learning through play into practice, check out these resources curated by The Lego Foundation. 

The long-lasting impact of a classroom Kahoot! 

Holly Pine, a first-grade teacher at Lockhart ISD, doesn’t just use Kahoot! for teaching lesson content. For Holly and her students, Kahoot! Is about creating connections to foster classroom culture. Holly asks herself whether she could create a birthday kahoot for each student in her class and how successful their peers would be in playing that kahoot. It’s through this practice that Holly not only builds her own relationship with her students but also their relationships with each other to create a community. 

Thank you for making this event awesome!

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s Kahoot! EDU Meetup for teachers! You made this event truly awesome with so many incredible classroom stories and shared experiences with our new game modes! Don’t forget to re-watch your favorite sessions and take advantage of our EDU Meetup offer to get access to all these great features with Kahoot!+ Premier from $6.99/month, or email for a free upgrade for teachers and schools on EDU Standard to EDU Pro. 

If you have any content from the event or your own classrooms that you would like to share, please reach out or tag us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and TikTok! We hope you have a great rest of the school year and we’ll see you again soon for the EDU Summit in June!