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6 Sep 2023

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Kahoot! + the LEGO Foundation help teachers, students, and individuals learn about neurodiversity to create inclusive learning environments

Explore what it means to be neurodivergent and how anyone can help create inclusive spaces for all to thrive with this brand-new collection on Kahoot!, made in collaboration with the LEGO Foundation

All minds  work differently, and when we better understand each other’s different experiences, strengths, and needs, we can create learning environments where everyone can grow and flourish. This is why we’re so excited to announce our new Uniting Minds collection of kahoots!

By playing these ready-to-use kahoots, educators, students, and lifelong learners can learn about autism and ADHD, explore how to be a better friend to someone who thinks and experiences the world differently, and reflect on our similarities and differences.

Elevate your social-emotional learning lessons with activities that invite students to develop their empathy and practice understanding other perspectives. 


Being a Good Friend

Learn more about being a good friend to someone who thinks and behaves differently in this kahoot.

The Uniting Minds collection, available for free for all Kahoot! users, represents the official launch of Kahoot! for All.” This new initiative was funded by the LEGO Foundation with a grant awarded in 2022 in their first-ever Play for All Accelerator, a program to spark innovation for more inclusive playful learning. Through Kahoot! for All, we are striving to raise awareness about neurodiversity and how we—including educators, students, parents, and EdTech developers—can work together to create more inclusive spaces for all.

United for inclusive playful learning

For this collection with diversity at its heart, we wanted to bring in different perspectives and expertise. Thats why we decided to team up with fellow Play for All Accelerator participants Social Cipher and Invest in Play, inspiring organizations working around the world to foster inclusive and playful learning.

Together, we’ve created kahoots that help build understanding of neurodiversity and spark conversations in the classroom about different ways of thinking.

When it comes to raising awareness about neurodiversity, no conversation is complete without the voices and perspectives of neurodiverse people. We were fortunate to work with a group of amazing neurodivergent students, who are now sharing their stories and insights in a series of kahoots called “This is me.”


This is Me - Malcolm

In this kahoot, 17-year-old Malcolm talks about his daily life and how he manages his neurodiversity.


This is Me - Marty

Meet 14-year-old Marty in this kahoot from the “This is me” series, part of the Uniting Minds collection.

Educators and learners can also look forward to more kahoots added to this collection, including those from additional partners focused on inclusive learning. Stay tuned!

Start the conversation to build empathy and awareness

Fostering understanding of neurodiversity and inclusivity is an ongoing learning adventure, especially as every neurodivergent learner has their own experience and perspective. Spark more conversations that help students build empathy and awareness with our new lesson plans designed for select kahoots in the Uniting Minds collection. 

With these free teacher resources, you will find a lesson sequence guiding you through hosting a kahoot, followed by prompts for reflection and discussion, as well as an activity to expand students’ thinking. These lesson plans can help you build a solid foundation of neurodiversity awareness, and then introduce these topics to your students in a way that fosters conversation and deeper learning.

Starting these conversations is not only beneficial for neurotypical students to grow their awareness, but also for neurodivergent students, giving them an opportunity to share their own experience to the degree they are comfortable, and to feel seen.

Here at Kahoot!, we believe that inclusivity makes learning even more awesome for everybody. When we recognize the unique strengths, talents, and perspectives of all students, including neurodivergent students, we can unleash everyone’s learning potential.

Start a conversation about neurodiversity in your classroom, at home, or beyond by exploring the Uniting Minds collection today!