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Thanksgiving ideas: 5 ways to have an awesome Thanksgiving with Kahoot!

Whether you’re celebrating Thanksgiving or simply reflecting on what you’re grateful for, here are some ideas to ensure full hearts (and bellies!) when celebrating Thanksgiving with your loved ones, colleagues, or students! 

If you’re running out of creative ideas outside of turkey and pumpkin pie recipes, we’ve got you covered! Add some festive fun to your upcoming celebrations with premium ready-to-play Thanksgiving games, learning resources, customizable characters, and awesome game modes, to bring joy (and learning!) to any Thanksgiving get-together!

1. Unleash fun in just a few clicks with Thanksgiving games on Kahoot!

Dig into this special seasonal treat of premium ready-to-play Thanksgiving games for all ages. Learn about Thanksgiving and bring gratitude wherever you are! Not sure where to get started? Check out these kahoot games that will be fun and (ful)filling this season!

2. Give your kahoots a touch of turkey with themes!

Fill ready-to-use or self-created games with Thanksgiving vibes with seasonal themes available in the Kahoot! creator! Themes are the perfect addition to spice up your kahoots during festivities or presentations.

Thanksgiving ideas

Thanksgiving ideas








3. Try our new Thanksgiving game mode!

Make any of your kahoots or ready-made content extra festive with our new Thanksgiving game mode featuring a custom background, and seasonal colors and characters.


4. Personalize your play with brand-new characters!

Discover new customizable characters to bring some extra joy to your Thanksgiving Kahoot!’ing while boosting engagement. Feel like being a Thanksgiving turkey, a scholarly panda, or a football-playing hamburger? The only limit is your imagination! You can even pick an accessory to stand out even more! Pssst, remember they are free for a limited time!

Thanksgiving ideas


5. Spread the Thanksgiving spirit everywhere! 

More than ever, we believe that sharing is caring! Create special moments during the Thanksgiving season with this easy-to-use editable template! Just duplicate the kahoot, edit the questions and answers, and let the fun begin!

Thanksgiving ideas

Guess who?

Enjoy your time with your favorite people, discover some fun facts about each other and make your upcoming get-togethers even more awesome!

We are grateful for all Kahoot!’ers around the world and we are more than ready to kick off this Thanksgiving season together! 

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