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24 Jan 2024

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Escape classroom routine (and angry robots) with our new Robot Run game mode, now ready to play in Kahoot!+

Encourage teamwork, promote communication skills, and boost learning with our latest team-based game mode, Robot Run.

Turn collaborative class learning into an out-of-this-world experience!

Get ready for some fun with Robot Run, the newest game mode on Kahoot!+. Students must use teamwork, communication, and quick decision-making to escape the angry robot! With powerful pedagogy in mind, Robot Run is the ultimate way to bring student-centered experiences to the classroom. 

Raise the energy and excitement levels through arcade-style gameplay so students won’t even realize they’re learning as they answer questions and play their way to safety!

Working together and learning together!

You and your student crew are trapped on a space station miles above the Earth. But if that isn’t enough, there’s also a rather annoyed robot on the loose – and it wants to have the place to itself! There’s only one way to survive…

How to play 

  1. In this game, you and your crew are stuck in a space station and an angry robot is quickly approaching!
  2. Answer questions correctly to collect boosts and run as fast as you can to escape before it’s too late.
  3. As you answer questions, you’ll get access to a mini-game, allowing your crew to move around the space station as your game characters.
  4. However, you must follow the instructions to try to find safe zones. 
  5. And remember, you must work together to complete your missions! 

Get early access to Robot Run today with Kahoot!+ Premier or Kahoot!+ Max and save 20% on your Kahoot!+ subscription – now only $9.99/month until January 30.

Take off to the space station right now with these kahoots specially made for Robot Run!

Image of a map with a pin marking a location.

Countries of the World

A geography quiz for all audiences. See if you can find out what the countries are by recognizing their outline on the globe!

Image of a person thinking

General Trivia

Hey, trivia master! Surprise your friends with this kahoot. Who will hit this one out of the park?

How to launch Robot Run

  1. Log in or sign up with your Kahoot!+ Premier or Kahoot!+ Max account.
  2. Choose a kahoot from your library or the Discover page. (Pro tip: Select a kahoot with at least 10 questions.)
  3. Click ‘Start’.
  4. Choose ‘Robot Run’ from the game mode selection screen.
  5. Good luck!

    Start bringing teamwork and collaboration to your classroom with 35% off Kahoot!+ Max, now only $7.99/month until May 15. 

    Share the fun!

    We hope that you and your students enjoy your adventures in outer space! If any of you have any feedback on Robot Run, or you’d just like to share a fun classroom moment, please head over to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok!