Kahoot! for Colleges of Education

Colleges of Education are preparing future educators and also modeling quality instruction themselves. Central to education degrees is the foundational professional year, where students have the opportunity to put theory to practice. With this important experience for students, we know college leaders want to send their teacher candidates into classrooms with as many tools and resources as possible.

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An all-in-one engagement tool for faculty, staff, and administrators

Colleges of Education can provide Kahoot! access to all of its faculty, instructors, advisors, and administrators with Kahoot! EDU. With college-wide access faculty and instructional staff can utilize Kahoot! in their instruction, as well as share and collaborate with their colleagues, making it easier to develop course material that can be shared and duplicated amongst instructors. Instructors can import their PowerPoint or Google slides into the kahoot creator, allowing them to turn their lecture slides into a seamless and interactive session that incorporates slides presenting course content and interactive question and discussion starters that keep students engaged. 

Another option for faculty and staff is to turn your kahoot into a  self-paced challenge. Self-paced challenges are completed asynchronously, allowing faculty to assign a kahoot for students to complete independently. Important information, such as registration dates, final drop dates, or other key information can be turned into a kahoot and sent to students as a self-paced challenge. Providing staff or program advisors an effective way to communicate with students.

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Student Pass feature allows teacher candidates the ability to build and deliver lessons in Kahoot!

A key feature in Kahoot! EDU are student passes. These provide a College of Education’s teacher candidates access to numerous features within Kahoot! that they can incorporate into their professional year experience or in their coursework. Instructors can create assignments where teacher candidates create their own kahoots and deliver a lesson or presentation in Kahoot!. Additionally, teacher candidates have access to game modes, study groups and a self-study toolkit,  all of which we will explain in more detail below. To distribute student passes an instructor or staff can simply share a QR code or a link with up to 250 teacher candidates.

How Kahoot! features can support teacher candidates in the classroom

During teacher candidates’ professional year there are a variety of ways Kahoot! can be used for both instruction and assessment. Utilizing the student passes, teacher candidates can build interactive and engaging lesson plans within the kahoot creator, moving easily between instruction and engagement. They also have access to all question types and discussion starters giving teacher candidates a variety of options to fit the content and grade level. 

Assessment tools such as game reports can help teacher candidates understand if students grasped the content, or help them pinpoint questions students struggled  to answer. Another engaging instruction feature within Kahoot! are game modes, which offer a team-focused (and soon-to-launch solo-mode) and collaborative learning experience. With numerous game modes, from Tallest Tower to Color Kingdom, each fosters different dynamics for gameplay, with learners setting the pace through independent pacing and progress.

Supporting teacher candidates outside of the classroom  

An additional benefit to teacher candidates is Study Groups that allow collaboration  and socialization into study sessions. Teacher candidates can choose or create kahoots they would like to play, decide how to involve their peers and kick off studying in a competition-based format. The Self-Study toolkit includes features such as flashcards, test yourself, and weekly learning goals. All extremely helpful tools  to keep teacher candidates on track and ready to sit for the Praxis or other national or regional examinations.

Three study modes displayed, test yourself, practice, flashcards, and weekly learning goals.

The best value proposition for Colleges of Education

With the student pass feature included in all Kahoot! EDU plans, the value savings and impact for Colleges of Education is unsurpassed. An EDU plan provides faculty, staff and administrators at a College of Education (or any college) with the all-in-one college engagement tool. On top of that, the EDU plan includes the student pass feature, giving teacher candidates the ability to create and share  their own kahoots with a competent licensed teacher, very likely already familiar with the tool. As a popular and student-loved tool in the K12 setting, and Kahoot!’s origin from higher education, Kahoot! should be top of choice for any College of Education.

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Bring Kahoot! EDU to your Education programs

Provide your faculty and staff with the powerful instructional and engagement tool that provides significant value to your teacher candidates with Kahoot! EDU.