As students and educators celebrate the beginning of summer vacation, many parents are once again concerned about how to support their children to continue learning and developing over the summer. While time to rest, relax and play is important, many parents worry about how much time their children may spend on passive consumption of digital content without meaningful learning during the summer months. Additionally, summer learning loss—or “summer slide,” where children may forget skills and knowledge during the break—is another concern. Research has shown that in elementary school grades, math skills declined over summer vacation for 70-78% of students, and reading skills declined for 62-73% of students. These losses are not necessarily limited to academic knowledge and skills either, but also key study habits and learning mindsets. 

As a parent, I know how challenging it can be to juggle both traveling and summer activities while making sure your children’s learning stays sharp. We want to make it easy for parents to keep their kids learning all summer long, and we do this by creating playful educational experiences that children love. 

How can you make your children’s summer both fun and educational? One powerful solution is Kahoot! Kids, a playful and child-friendly experience tailored for young learners. More than 8 million educators worldwide use Kahoot! with their students, and Kahoot! Kids enables parents to use the same tools as the pros, adapted for young children’s needs. 


Discover summer learning activities that build core skills with the power of play!

Kahoot! Kids brings together 10 award-winning learning apps and quiz games for kids, created by pedagogy experts, teachers, and top brands. This suite of apps includes the popular series of math and chess apps by DragonBox, Kahoot! Learn to Read by Poio, and the Kahoot! app to bring the whole family together for game night and beyond. By playing these games, your children can strengthen important skills in math, literacy, cognition, and social-emotional learning this summer. Your kids can also expand their knowledge with quiz games on a wide variety of topics, allowing them to follow their curiosity while keeping them engaged through play.

On Kahoot! Kids, your little ones can even play and learn with their favorite characters! Discover kahoots featuring beloved characters from Disney, Dora, SpongeBob SquarePants—with over one million players over the past months—and more coming soon! 

Connect with your child and discover more about their interests

While Kahoot! Kids offers a safe and child-friendly environment where children can play independently, it also gives parents the opportunity to turn learning into a family activity. Parents can spend quality time connecting with their children, discovering more about their interests, and nurturing their love of learning. This is key, as co-viewing or co-playing—where parents and their kids experience digital content together—has been shown to be one of the best ways of helping children reap the learning benefits of digital media.



Personalized learning for your child’s summer learning journey

Kahoot! Kids also make it easy to personalize your children’s learning experience. With the new Playlists feature, you can create curated playlists of learning games that fit your child’s interests and skill levels. This can ensure that your children’s summer learning activities are both challenging enough to support their growth and so engaging that they want to keep learning! 

Similarly, when you set up or update your children’s Kahoot! Kids profiles, you will now be prompted with a few simple questions about each child’s reading and math skill levels. This will generate a personalized Learning Path. With this new feature, you can easily guide your child through the Kahoot! Kids’ learning apps and games, with a map of the optimal learning journey for your child this summer and beyond.


Independent research shows Kahoot! boosts learning outcomes

A recent meta-analysis of independent academic research has shown that Kahoot! not only boosts engagement but drives significant improvements in students’ learning outcomes. On average, using Kahoot! shifts students’ academic performance on a typical test up by a full letter grade. This follows years of research showing how Kahoot! elevates learning by igniting engagement, motivation, and active participation. With Kahoot! Kids, you and your children can enjoy this playful learning experience at home, on vacation, or any time this summer and all year long!

Learn more about Kahoot! Kids and download the app for free on iOS and Android today.