Kahoot! for business

Gamify remote training

You don’t need to have participants in the same room to check off all learning goals and make training impactful. Kahoot! challenges and other features will let you train anyone from anywhere, in any time zone!

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Having the ability to send a Kahoot! challenge to sales reps, service technicians, and dealers who are thousands of miles apart makes Kahoot! an invaluable way to educate and get feedback.
Richard "Bo" Bodo, Kärcher

6 reasons to use Kahoot! in your virtual training strategy

Extend engagement beyond live group games

Learning doesn’t stop after a single kahoot – take the engagement of Kahoot! beyond the live, in-class experience.

Work across time zones and locations

Kahoot! facilitates learning anytime, anywhere – ideal for remote workers, globally distributed teams, or busy workers on the go who can’t join a live game.

Track learning outcomes over time

Get reports on performance in real time and find out which questions are the most difficult.

Know the real person behind the nickname

With Kahoot! Academy, you can also identify players in your challenges, and track their individual progress over time.

Improve knowledge retention

Research proves that we retain knowledge better by learning in multiple, spread-out sessions. Challenges are ideal for reinforcing content and combating the forgetting curve.

Save time

Assigning a challenge is easy – simply create a kahoot as usual, and hit the Challenge button to send it to your learners. They complete the challenge on their own devices in the allocated time – in-app or on the web.


Host games of up to 50 players.

Energize your audience with additional game and media options.


per user/month
($240 billed annually)

How to use Kahoot! challenges for virtual training

What’s a challenge?

A challenge is a self-paced kahoot game with questions and answers showing on the player’s device. Learners complete this game at their own pace, on their own devices – on the web or in-app – within the allocated time.

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