Make remote training awesome with Kahoot!

You don’t need to have participants in the same room to check off all learning goals and make training impactful. Kahoot!’s challenge feature lets you train anyone from anywhere!

6 reasons to use Kahoot! for remote training

Engage trainees through play

Kahoot!’s interactive quiz format captivates trainees’ attention, adds an element of fun, and makes any content more engaging. You can play Kahoot! to introduce a topic, recap on a specific training module, or give your trainees some “homework”. The competition adds extra motivation!

No stress with tech setup

To play Kahoot! live or in challenge mode, trainees only need a mobile device with our free app! They can play training challenges you send them and compete with each other at their own pace, so their physical location and time zone doesn’t matter. Just connect and play! As a trainer, you can track their progress in real time.

Increase knowledge retention

According to some trainers, using Kahoot! helped them double knowledge retention. After all, it’s not only the information you present, but how you present it. Kahoot! helps you deliver content in an interactive way, and whilst playing a quiz, participants get instant feedback on what they got right and wrong.

Save time and train teams without leaving your office

Time is money! Create a kahoot! in minutes and then send it out, no matter where trainees are. For example, got an important update for your retail team, field sales reps or staff in franchises? Get them up to speed without leaving your office! Create a kahoot and send it to hundreds of employees without leaving your office. They can play it wherever they are, while you see their results in real time.

Reinforce important learnings

Many companies use Kahoot! mobile challenges to complement their in-class training sessions. It’s a great way to reinforce training content, as well as evaluate how much knowledge was retained.

Assess learning progress of your trainees

Looking at reports on your kahoots, you can see how your trainees are doing in real time. These analytics will give you valuable insights for planning further training: you’ll see what questions were the most difficult, which participants might need follow up, and more.

How other companies use Kahoot! for remote training

Virtual training sessions

No need to worry about time zones, online conference setup and the other challenges of arranging a traditional virtual session. Have a phone? Then you’re ready to go! Send content in a Kahoot! challenge – it’s interactive, the competitive element motivates people to join, and, besides, they can take it in their own time, regardless of their location.

Sales training across offices

In retail sales, remote training can be a massive time-saver for distributed teams! Make it easy for your salespeople to stay at the top of their game by delivering training to where they are! Instead of calling them into a training session in the office, send a challenge to train them about new products, campaigns or offers.

Homework after live sessions

Many companies also use Kahoot! challenges to complement their in-class training sessions. It’s a great way to reinforce training content and review how much knowledge was retained.

Training on the go

Give the busiest schedules the most flexibility to complete their training wherever they are, at their own pace. With Kahoot! challenges, all they need is a mobile device. Especially useful for sales teams who are often on the go!

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Hero features in Kahoot! for businesses

Starting from $10 per user/month, you’ll get access to these features in Kahoot! Plus, Pro or Premium for businesses:

  • Essential features for creating, playing and sharing games
  • Assign mobile challenges for remote and virtual training
  • Import kahoots from spreadsheets
  • Co-create and edit games with other trainers in a private team space
  • Organize kahoots into folders by topic, training segment, etc.
  • Access customizable game templates
  • View and share advanced reports
  • Make your kahoots more engaging with images from our premium image library (Kahoot! Pro and Premium)
  • Add custom branding to your kahoots