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Thank you for your interest in Kahoot! We’ve put together some resources to help you find all the essential info about our company and product, navigate our brand assets and explore our latest news. If you think something is missing – drop us a note!

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Kahoot! in the news

Read the press coverage mentioning Kahoot!

Keith Stuart et al, The Guardian

25 best video games to help you socialise while self-isolating

"This isn’t a traditional game: it’s a website (and apps) for playing, creating and sharing multiple-choice trivia quizzes about… well, about pretty much any topic you can think of.

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James Micklethwait, Forbes

Games companies play: How your company can implement gamification to motivate employees

A representative of a major social media company ran a sales conference, and used the same method that parents have been using for centuries to keep their kids active and paying attention: games.

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Dian Schaffhauser, THE Journal

Kahoot Offers Free Access to Premium Version of Gaming Software

"Kahoot! has begun offering free access to the ""premium"" version of the program, which allows students to learn through gaming. This move comes in response to the number of schools and colleges that are shifting to online education."

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Press resources

Kahoot! brand guidelines

Read our guidelines on Kahoot! logo use, typography, colors, illustrations, and tone of voice for written content.

Brand guidelines (PDF - 283 KB)

Press contact: For general media inquiries, please email

For sales questions: For events, sponsorships or support questions:

Awards won

Reading feedback from our users constantly puts a smile on our faces, inspires us and drives us on our mission. See for yourself! Here’s the latest buzz on Twitter:


We regularly conduct research to better understand trends in learning and training, both in schools and corporate settings. See our EdTrends reports:

EdTrends report, December 2018

Read the latest EdTrends report by Kahoot! that pinpoints the main corporate training trends of 2018, incl. new techniques tailored to Gen Z.

Download report (PDF - 96 KB)

EdTrends report, May 2018

Which tools are trending in classrooms these days and how is data-driven teaching transforming education? Find out in our new EdTrends report for educators!

Download report (PDF - 181 KB)

EdTrends report, December 2017

What’s hot in corporate training? What are the key challenges that trainers faced in 2017? Find out in our Kahoot! EdTrends report!

Download report (PDF - 343 KB)

EdTrends report, June 2017

What tools are trending in classrooms these days and how is EdTech transforming education? Find out in our first EdTrends report!

Download report (PDF - 4 MB)