Implementing the Kahoot!

One of our users Claire Howlett (@CEHOWLE) recently contacted us on Twitter to share her experiences of using Kahoot! in her lessons at Neale Wade Academy in Cambridge, UK. Here she outlines how she’s using Kahoot! in her English Literature class – directly implementing our ’Learners to Leaders’ pedagogy, where after playing a Kahoot created by herself, Claire’s students are then challenged to share their deeper understanding by creating their own Kahoots in groups.

“We found Kahoot! really easy to use and the students enjoyed playing the quizzes I made. The aspect I like best is the way the programme ranks the students after each question without humiliating any of them.

I created a quiz which was a series of quotations from the play we are studying; they had to identify which character’s line each one was in the play. This task was a good revision exercise. After we played my quiz, I quickly took them through how to use the programme on the board but to be honest it is so simple they didn’t need my explanation – they just wanted to get on with it!

After this, students were given topics to build quizzes around (see the PowerPoint image below). It was very simple for them to use and they worked really well in their teams. They were asked to find quotations in the play and then create four possible answers (one correct and 3 incorrect); they were revising terminology as well as scanning the play which in itself is a good revision – but they didn’t realise they were revising because they were so engrossed in the task! They worked well in their teams – with 2 students finding quotations and one in charge of the IT side.

It is a very good way of assessing their knowledge base – for example it was clear when we played one of the games that the group who compiled it have gaps in their knowledge because the answers were incorrect! When we played the students’ quizzes I was able to play alongside them and they took on the role of the teacher which they enjoyed.”

And this made us smile: “I also enjoyed being a student in the class alongside them!” Kahoot! is about having fun after all!

Task example

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