Professional development for teachers

What info does it contain on professional development for teachers?

Think of it as a guide – or starting point. We’ve covered all of the quick and simple ways to explain Kahoot! to newbies, great ways to use it, and all the basics – which aims to leave your audience inspired, and motivated to find out more about our community here! If we can save you a few minutes, we’re happy – and we hope you’ll appreciate the extra TLC we put into it to make it something you can be proud to present.

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Kahoot! presentations: Professional development for teachers

Designed for sharing Kahoot! with people who are new to the platform or who haven’t yet explored the deeper uses of Kahoot! In this presentation you’ll find an overview of the founding principles, how it works, plus a handful of inspiring ways to play and video clips showing the impact Kahoot! has in the classroom.

The presentation is available in PDF, PowerPoint or Keynote format, and has some speaker notes with guidance and prompts. You’re welcome to edit and borrow slides as needed for your Kahoot! PD sessions, or insert new slides with our other assets such as gameplay screencasts.


The framework looks like this:

  • Make learning awesome!: A brief introduction to Kahoot!
  • Learning re-imagined: This is where the WHY? behind Kahoot! shines – everything from our philosophy to why learning socially is important, academically and emotionally.
  • Learn Happy, Learn Loud: A beginner’s introduction the world of Kahoot!
  • Inspiring ways to Kahoot!: Just how it sounds – a practical, eye-opening guide to all of the ways you can kahoot in and outside of the classroom!

Play these kahoots in your PD session!

Play this fun General Knowledge kahoot to give your audience a taste of what’s in store for their students! We’ve snuck in lots of cool Kahoot! features and tips too 🙂

Top tip from Kahoot!’s Community Evangelists:

Nothing like ending the session with a quick survey and a challenge! This fun Survey kahoot will get your audience thinking about how they’ll integrate Kahoot! into their own classroom.

Print your own Kahoot! goodies

Need some Kahoot! designs to print your own t-shirts, stickers or posters? We’ve got plenty of fun designs for you to download for free, and are always adding more. We’ll be updating details and designs soon, but in the meantime you’ll find everything you need here.