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7 secrets of engaging sales training from Facebook LATAM

Using Kahoot! for sales training since 2016, Facebook LATAM sees maximum engagement both in co-located and virtual teams. Learn how they achieved it!

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How to get everyone “plugged in” during a training session and make it really impactful? That’s probably one of the biggest questions corporate trainers face. It gets even more challenging in large organizations spread across several offices.

Leonardo (Leo) Silva, ‎LATAM Sales Training Partner at Facebook, has an answer. He solved this challenge with Kahoot! and game-based learning. According to Leo, this was a strategic way to keep people involved and paying attention to the content of trainings. Read Leo’s story and learn how Kahoot! helped him disrupt sales training at Facebook LATAM and reach maximum engagement in his sessions.

Leo Silva prepares to host a kahoot for Facebook LATAM

Sales training, virtual teams – how to get everyone “plugged in”?

In my role, I collaborate with the Facebook LATAM sales managers and cross-functional teams to understand their learning needs and work with global program managers to build training programs aligned with those needs. I run training sessions every week with participants from several locations – São Paulo, Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Bogotá and Miami.

When you train teams remotely, it’s even more challenging to get everyone engaged. You can’t really track how “plugged in” participants are if you’re not in the same room with them. Kahoot! is one of the tools we use: it helps us bring people closer together, getting them excited to compete with each other.

Adults enjoy learning through playing

One of our learning partners is a big believer in learning through playing, so, before we discovered Kahoot!, we made some attempts to gamify training. The solution was far from optimal: it consumed a lot of time to print sheets for participants, install software locally on our computers, get approval from our IT for everything. Besides, I had to analyze all the results manually, instead defining winners in the real time.

Then, in January 2016, I tried Kahoot! for the first time, and, with its simplicity and flexibility, it immediately became my go-to training tool. Obviously, adults enjoyed learning through games just as much as school students! Starting from the very first sessions with Kahoot!, I got very positive feedback from the teams.

Kahoot! helped me create a dynamic, engaging atmosphere in my sessions and meetings.

Leo Silva, ‎LATAM Sales Training Partner at Facebook

7 ways to make sales training engaging with Kahoot!

I use Kahoot! to train both co-located and distributed sales teams. It helps us review how well content was learned, with a mix of easy and difficult questions, makes it easy to recap on the info, interact with the audience, answer their questions and make sure that they effectively learn.

To make your sales training really engaging and impactful with Kahoot!, here’s what I’d recommend:

  1. When creating your kahoot, make sure to align the language in the questions with the language you use in the session. Consistency is important for learning impact.
  2. Mix easy and tough questions for better dynamics and a nice competitive spirit.
  3. Guarantee there is no ambiguous answer, just one that is clearly correct helps maintain focus.
  4. Use high quality and fun images/gifs/videos with the content – it makes the game even more engaging!
  5. When running your kahoot, remember you’re not only a trainer, but a game host – show the fun side of your personality!
  6. Read out the questions as they are displayed in the screen and break the silence.
  7. Always keep the Kahoot! music on, it’s addictive and without the music it’s not the same experience. Actually, it’s one of the things I like the most about Kahoot!

More teams at Facebook LATAM started Kahoot!’ing

Recently, we played Kahoot! in a sales conference with all Latin America employees, with more than 300 participants joining the game. It was by far one of our best experiences with Kahoot! – the energy in the room was AMAZING.

Leo Silva hosts a kahoot for sales training at Facebook LATAM

It looks like our team set a great example of using Kahoot! for training, and several other departments adopted it for their sessions with clients and in events. For example, the Marketing Science team started playing it in their global internal training, so people all over the world learned about Kahoot!

Besides, at Facebook LATAM we often use Kahoot! at offsites, answering questions about people on the team, so we all get to know ourselves a little bit better and have some fun.

Sales training, meetings, events, team offsites – in all of these scenarios, Kahoot! connects the audience and keeps everyone engaged.

A few weeks ago, we upgraded to Kahoot! Plus and are excited to take our game experience to the next level. Premium features like collaboration on kahoots and game branding are very helpful for us.