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30 Sep 2015

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The powerful language of play: a Kahoot! hero story

Teacher and Kahoot!’er Robyn Thiessen melts our hearts with this magic moment with a non-verbal student, reminding us just how much inclusion, class participation and accessibility means to learners.

There’s so many reasons why we were so lucky to attend ISTE 2015 this year, but our absolute favorite is that we got to meet so many of you! From teachers to students, innovators to visionary speakers – it’s absolutely one of our biggest highlights from 2015 so far. One teacher in particular, Robyn Thiessen, caught the ear of our brilliant USA Community Evangelist, Daniella. They chatted all things learning, and more specifically – Kahoot!

Robyn Thiessen

Little did we know the magic story Robyn had been holding on to – and it’s just too good not to share:

Much more than formative assessment

When Robyn began with Kahoot in 2014 (long-time Kahoot!’er in the house!), she used it mainly for formative assessment. This evolved over time into using it to introduce topics by playing “Blind Kahoots” in class, and quickly became a regular part of her lesson plans. One of her students in particular really took to this – and he just so happens to be an absolute gem.



“His face would light up and he would skip back to his desk!”

Engaging through the universal language of play

Usually quite quiet in class as he had communication difficulties, her student struggled with participating in class. However, Robyn started to recognize a pattern. Every time she announced they would be playing Kahoot! the next day, “his face would light up and he would skip back to his desk!”.

As this continued, he started saying “play Kahoot!” before class – and really became one of her most engaged students! The fact that he could participate and interact with his peers that he so wanted to connect with, in a non-verbal fashion that was comfortable for him, really changed his classroom experience – for the better.

Helping a student shine brigh

Not only this, but Robyn took his enthusiasm to the next level by designing kahoots especially for him so he could engage even more in class by enabling him to be “just like his peers at that point”.

If that’s not a definition of a magic moment, we don’t know what is.

Most amazingly, Robyn was so happy to report that his speech has improved dramatically and now he talks in full sentences. We’re so delighted to be a small part of a very, very brave boy’s story – and giving him a platform to shine like the star he is.

Read more about Robyn Thiessen and check out how she uses Kahoot!, GoNoodle and other awesome classroom tools with her Grade 3 class: Mrs Thiessen’s Grade 3 Class Blog

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