Discovering Your Next Favorite Kahoot Is Easy as 1, 2, 3 (New Categories)​

Ah, time – it goes by fast, and we all need more of it. While we still haven’t cracked the code to alter the time-space-continuum for an extra snooze before our alarm goes off – we have created some great filters to help you get to undiscovered and relevant kahoots, faster.. which is almost as good:

How to find public kahoots

Here’s What’s New!

Get ready to discover a whole new world of kahoots! With three new lists and a well loved fourth updated category, it’s never been easier (or faster) to find a new kahoot to love.

Most Popular Kahoots

We’ve started by grouping the “Most plays,” “Most players” and “Most favourites” categories into one Most popular category. These kahoots were made to please a crowd and are our most popular games ever– they’ve been played, favourited and shared by Kahoot!’ers from just about everywhere!

How to find public kahoots

Trending Kahoots

To put an additional focus on what is happening now, we’re adding three lists to help put the focus on the new. First, there will be a Trending list, which will group up kahoots made over the past week that are picking up steam. If you’re looking for something fresh for your classroom, you’ll find it here!

Trending Near You

Looking for a more personalized approach? With our Trending near you list, you’ll find what is getting the most love in your area. It’s perfect for those special topics specific to your region and to see what other teachers in your area are working on!

Top Kahoot!’ers

Finally, the list we’re most excited about – Top Kahoot!’ers!

Our awesome community constantly creates quality content that make us feel something magical, so why not return the favor? Here you’ll find a constantly changing list that allows us to put a spotlight on the latest from teachers who have a history of releasing kahoots that we constantly fall in love with. This one’s for you, teachers of awesome!

See you on the other side!

With a whole new way to discover kahoots at your service, we can’t wait to see the digital high fives for other Kahoot!’ers masterpieces pour in, and of course – some awesome self promo for your own creations – which you’re always welcome to send to us, @GetKahoot!.

Happy Kahoot!’ing!