Innovation has always been at the heart of Kahoot!, and I am proud to see how our product innovations continued to help shape the transformation of learning in 2023.

Jostein Håvaldsrud

With more than half of our staff dedicated to product development, the year has been one of Kahoot!’s most innovative since our launch ten years ago – all to make learning more efficient, accessible, and engaging for our users around the world.  

As the year is coming to an end, let me take you through our year in innovation for learning and engagement and give you a sneak peek into what’s next. 


Powering up learning and engagement with AI 

2023 was the definite breakout year for generative AI, with many tech providers embedding AI capabilities into their platforms. 

Entering the year, Kahoot! already had several popular AI-powered features on the platform, and with 2023’s rapid technological development, we were able to take the user experience to the next level. Throughout the year, we have launched an array of brand new features weaving in AI technology into our product suite, leveraging Microsoft’s Azure Open AI services to create tangible value-adds for our users at work, school, and home:  

  • The Kahoot! question generator uses AI to help teachers save time on lesson planning and content creation
  • PDF to kahoot easily transforms any PDF, including your compliance training material, into a kahoot within seconds
  • PDF to Story is another AI-powered feature that turns PDFs into our new Story format – interactive and visually impactful learning content built for engaging employees on the go 
  • Kahoot! brainstorms now also use AI to automatically group together similar ideas, making brainstorming sessions with Kahoot! even more efficient

2023 innovations for learning and engagement

Taking classroom engagement to new heights

But our innovations don’t stop at AI! Did you know that you can play your favorite kahoots in more than nine  different ways? Of course you have the classic live game, but you can also play it by yourself at your own pace, for example as flash-cards. And then you have – to many the most engaging way to play – our new game modes. 

We started the year by launching Chill Art, a calm experience that inspires creativity and focused learning. This was followed by Tallest Tower, Cosmic Conquest, The Lost Pyramid, and Robot Run all bringing excitement to any lesson through team-based, collaborative gameplay on our all-in-one teaching platform. Since the launch of our new student-led game modes, over 70 million users have played our game modes!

Duck-Duck Fractions, and Pop-pop Multiplications, our new ready-to-play cooperative math game, creates a new way to motivate young learners to master the fundamentals of fractions and multiplication through fun and engaging level-based gameplay.

Unlocking awesome brand engagement and corporate learning with Kahoot! 

One of our most exciting new offerings of 2023 is Kahoot! for Brands, a solution for brands to expand their reach and connect with their audiences through the unique, engaging experience of Kahoot!. Around the world, we’re already seeing how this offering is helping organizations transform the way they interact with their audiences. We’ve shared how 7UP Zero used Kahoot! for Brands to engage thousands of Gen Z’ers in its product rebranding campaign, and how Ree Park Safari is using these solutions to create immersive, educational experiences for their over 200,000 annual park visitors. Disney recently created an engaging, branded Kahoot! experience at the movie premiere of Quiz Lady – and this is only the beginning!

This year, we also launched a new employee learning mobile app, Kahoot! 360 Engage, enabling companies to make learning more accessible and engaging than ever for their employees. Leaders can quickly create and deliver interactive training that boosts completion and knowledge retention, as well as make internal communication more impactful, increase efficiency and productivity, and more.  

Kahoot! course story

Powerful learning for all ages

At the core of the Kahoot! ethos is our belief that learning is a lifelong journey. This drives us to innovate to create learning experiences that resonate with learners of all ages. One of the key ways we did this in 2023 was developing the Kahoot! Kids app, a playful digital environment built for young learners to explore, build key skills – including math, reading, and social emotional skills – and foster a lifelong love of learning.

Another huge milestone this year was the launch of Channels, enabling verified creators and our premium partners to share their knowledge, and users to subscribe to relevant learning material. Check out the Wikipedia Channel to experience it yourself!


More innovative learning and engagement to come

As we’re about to enter a new year, we are gathering our innovation efforts behind three main priorities for even more engaging, efficient and powerful learning in 2024: 

We are making it even easier for educators to make high quality material for engaging learning by combining AI, additional new technology and interaction design.

We are improving the employee experience for desk and non-desk workers by introducing gamification and mobile technologies to make communication, learning and development more engaging. 

We are making Kahoot! the best tool available for self-study for learners of all ages. Our premium, ready-to-use learning content will become even more accessible. It will become even easier to make your own learning material adopting gamified learning experiences based on pedagogical principles.

Stay tuned!