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7 Mar 2022

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Empowering teachers and students for the future of learning with Kahoot!

Uplifting the voices of educators and students will be key to making learning awesome this year, especially during such uncertain and challenging times. Find out how educators and learners around the world are connecting, sharing their knowledge and rediscovering joy in learning with Kahoot!. Read more about the future of learning.

2021 was a year of extraordinary changes in education, which will likely continue to shape how we teach and learn for years to come. These changes, as I wrote recently in eSchool News, offer both challenges and opportunities for us to refocus on what students really need to thrive and how we can best support them during this critical time of learning, as well as difficult and extraordinary circumstances throughout the world.

Supporting social emotional learning for a new era

The past few years and continuing to today have been tough for educators, students and families alike, with frequent changes from in-person to remote to hybrid learning, on top of the already-significant stress of the ongoing pandemic and global crisis. Teachers are seeing a growing need to support their students’ social emotional skills, such as understanding and expressing their emotions, managing stress, problem solving and more. 

On Kahoot! Academy, SEL has become one of the most popular topics, with collections from partners such as Disney, Microsoft Reflect and Empatico, as well as a special SEL collection from Kahoot!. These four collections alone have reached more than 15 million combined participants.

Meeting students where they are

While virtual and hybrid learning is not without its challenges, we’ve also found that many students have made important learning gains over the past few years. Many have benefitted from a greater sense of freedom in online learning, as well as developing skills like time management that have helped them grow into more independent, self-directed learners. Young people live online; it’s where they relax and socialize, and learning resources should meet them where they are!

As digital natives, students know that technology can not only keep their learning consistent; it can also help make it fun and engaging. Last year, we launched Kahoot!+ Study to give higher education students the tools to turn dry study sessions into exciting and motivating learning experiences, either independently or with friends, in-person or virtually. With Kahoot!, students of all ages can follow their curiosity and learn through exploration and play, whether they get creative and build their own kahoots or discover new topics from the brands and experiences they love, like Minecraft, Star Wars, Marvel and more. Kahoot! is here to provide tools and content that connects to what students are already interested in, and how they want to study.

future of learning

Amplify teachers’ voices in the classroom and around the world

Through all the challenges for education in the last two years, the resilience, passion and innovation of teachers inspires us every day. Unfortunately, many educators continue to feel unheard and underappreciated in their school as well as continue to deal with uncertainty and crisis. At Kahoot!, we have made it a top priority to empower educators to share their voice and connect with our global community. 

By joining Kahoot! Academy as a Verified educator, teachers can showcase their learning content for more than 9 million educators on Kahoot! and the 40 million non-unique participants who engage with learning content on Kahoot! Academy every month. In 2021, more than 270 million non-unique participants played kahoots from Verified creators, showing how much they appreciate the voices and expertise of fellow educators 

On Kahoot! Academy, educators can also build and join learning communities around topics they’re most passionate about, and soon, all creators will be able to monetize their learning content directly on Kahoot!, participating in the growing creator economy and gaining widespread recognition for their rich experience and innovative ideas. Additionally, all teachers can access ready-to-use, engaging learning experiences and resources from fellow educators and partners on Kahoot! Academy, expanding their choices far beyond the conventional big publishers. 

While no one can predict everything that 2022 will bring for education, it’s clear that after the challenges of the last few years and the continuation of those challenges, helping educators and students bring the joy back to learning will be a must. This is why we’re offering new ways for teachers and learners to be creative, connect, share and discover on Kahoot!. Even more exciting offerings are coming soon, so stay tuned!