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11 May 2016

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Exploring space with Living Maths: a #HumanToMars countdown!

Explore the final frontier with some of the world’s finest space experts and our very own Super Kahoot!’er, Steve Sherman! From genius kahoots to an immersive series of galactic themed interviews, getting a #HumantoMars has never seemed so within reach.

Hey Kahoot!’ers! Notice anything different about our theme? Unearthly, even?

The K!rew have been having a blast sneaking Space music and illustrations into our learning platform, and we finally get to tell you why! We’ve had the pleasure of following along our friend and inspirational Kahoot!’er Steve Sherman’s series of Google Hangout interviews with space legends to celebrate the Human to Mars summit occurring on May 17-19 in Washington D.C. With a rockstar lineup of
this universe’s finest planetary minds, the event will explore what will be necessary in order to get an astronaut on Mars. Incredible, isn’t it?

From talks with NASA Administrator Charles Bolden to the Director for International Space Station Sam Scimemi and many more to come, Steve and his team at LivingMaths are producing a treasure trove of a series to be used in classrooms around the world. We were thrilled when we heard about Steve’s project to bring light to these heroic scientific voices, and immediately wanted to explore how we could bring these priceless learnings into immersive experiences for students. If only we had a global community of rockstar educators who’d appreciate something like that.. 😉

Before we’d even finished watching the first interview in his series, we were mining Kahoot! for our favorite space kahoots and Kahoot!’ers to bring together a resource to reinforce and introduce key STEM principles for learners of all ages (us included!).

Check out the interviews, then get into teams to play ‘out of this world’ Space kahoots handpicked by Steve’s team at LivingMaths:

Learn about NASA and the Journey to Mars!

NASA Administrator Charles Bolden covers just about everything you ever wanted to know about NASA, astronauts, STEM and the journey to Mars.

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  • 2627 players


Test your knowledge about Americas top space agency with this 10 question quiz. #space #nasa

Explore the Universe of the International Space Station

Responsible for the NASA astronauts on the ISS, Mr Sam Scimemi shares his insights on human exploration and the International Space Station.

Uncover the Mysteries of Martian Meteorites

In this fascinating interview with the Smithsonian’s Meteorite Collection curator Dr Cari Corrigan, you’ll learn all about meteorites that have travelled to Earth from Mars, and then deepen that knowledge with a meteoric kahoot.

Our Solar System and Beyond!

Dr Jim Green, Head of Planetary Sciences at NASA takes us on a journey around and beyond our solar system. In this interview, Dr Green talks about how data shape our understanding of the planets.

Kids playing Kahoot!
  • 550 Plays
  • 4869 players


A review of the 8 (+Pluto) planets of the solar system. Includes features of each and the sun.

Into the Deep: Extraterrestrial Caves and Astrobiology

Speleologist Dr Penny Boston takes us deep into the world of caves and mines, and the role microbes play in geological process. Try your hand at a kahoot about caves after watching the interview!

Meet Astronaut Abby!

Abigail Harrison, also known as ‘Astronaut Abby’, is a girl with a dream. She wants to become an astronaut, but not just any astronaut… Abby has her sights set on becoming the FIRST astronaut to land on Mars. Watch the interview to find out more, and play the kahoot to spark some discussion amongst learners about exploring the universe themselves!

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The facts and features of Mars.

Thought those were a blast? Encourage learners to make their own kahoots…

One of the best ways to learn is to create, which is why we encourage learners to work together to plan, research and create their own kahoots. They can play them with their peers, or challenge their teachers (or even the K!rew) to a game. Some learners as young as 8 have created kahoots so awesome we’ve featured them on the platform, helping them attract thousands of players from across the globe.

For tips on encouraging learners to create their own kahoots, skip to page 27 of our Kahoot! Academy Guide. They can make their own images, or download stunning free-to-use images from the NASA resources library.

Happy Kahoot!’ing 🙂