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28 Sep 2016

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We’ve Reached 10 Million Public Kahoots!

It’s a sheer delight to announce that our wonderful community has now created over 10 million publicly available kahoots on our learning platform!

We want to say a huge thanks to YOU – our Kahoot!’ers all over the world – for this incredible achievement, and for making learning awesome with us each and every day!

To celebrate this phenomenal milestone in Kahoot!’ing history, we decided to curate and share an eclectic list of some of the top kahoots played and enjoyed by the Kahoot! team themselves, across our offices in Oslo, London and Austin, Texas.

Be sure to tweet us your favorite from the list @GetKahoot using the hashtag #10millionkahoots.

Let’s Light that Olympic Flame

In addition to changing the Kahoot! platform logo in its honor, we celebrated the 2016 Summer Games with this fun, fact-filled bonanza exploring the history, geography and sports of the Games!


I'm a kahooter
  • 2357 Plays
  • 10456 players

Let's light that Olympic flame!

Olympic #history, #sports, #geography, #Rio, #Brazil & some #fun facts. This kahoot will challenge and prepare you for the #summergames

Bob Marley Birthday Celebration

Back in 2015, Team Kahoot! marked Bob Marley’s 70th birthday by challenging each other with trivia on the King of Reggae’s life. How much do you know?

Winter Math Puzzles

Inject a little adrenaline into your class with this Winter Games-themed kahoot, which teaches core math skills through ski jumps and snowboarding tricks!

Playing Kahoot!
  • 4556 Plays
  • 19445 players

Winter Math Puzzles

A collection of #wintergames themed #maths questions that have different timings so you can ask your learners to work out the answer first!

Guess the Roald Dahl Character

September 2016 marked 100 years since the birth of the world’s most beloved storyteller, Roald Dahl. We couldn’t help but pay homage to our shared Norwegian heritage and passion for playful storytelling with this phizz-whizzing guessing game.


Kids playing Kahoot!
  • 38685 Plays
  • 118419 players

Guess The Roald Dahl Character!

Celebrate Roald Dahl by diving into the wonderful world of his characters! A treat for young readers. #roalddahl100 #roalddahl #roalddahlday

Safer Internet Day Quiz

Increase awareness of internet safety and digital citizenship with scenario-based questions in this kahoot made for Safer Internet Day 2015.

Playing Kahoot!
  • 2869 Plays
  • 13682 players

Safer Internet Day Quiz

A Kahoot on internet safety adapted from Safer Internet Day 2015’s online quiz.

Data Landscape

We loved playing this unique brain teaser where the player has to guess if an image is an outline of a famous mountain or an insightful data graph. Challenge your brain today!

Playing Kahoot!
  • 213 Plays
  • 627 players

Data Landscape

What are you looking at? A famous mountain or insightful data? Make your choice! #data #geography #fun

Who Is This?

Guess the famous person with a kahoot that incorporates inventive uses of GIFs to slowly reveal images! This one was made by our very own Games Professor, Alf Inge Wang.

Playing Kahoot!
  • 138596 Plays
  • 823952 players

Who is this?

Guess the persons that are revealed gradually in the picture.

The Great Variation Quiz

Another from our Games Professor Alf Inge Wang, this is a general knowledge quiz that demonstrates ingenious ways to ask questions and use imagery in Kahoot! to deepen learning. Get inspiration for your next kahoot by trying it out!

Playing Kahoot!
  • 369 Plays
  • 1009 players

The Great Variation Quiz

Kahoot! showcase quiz that demonstrates various ways of asking questions, specifying answers and using illustrations.

T1 Chemistry: Original Element Names

Brush up on both your etymology and chemistry with this image-rich brain booster from Kahoot! legend, Stephanie Castle. For bonus points, learn how to #BlindKahoot from the hero herself!

How well do you know America from the air?

Our final game on this list is about the USA itself, home to Kahoot!’s Austin Team! Geography and urban sociology collide in this creative kahoot, which features gorgeous aerial photography.