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6 Apr 2017

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Spring into the Easter holiday with these fun kahoot games

Put a spring in your step with these fun Kahoot! quiz games to play with friends and family, or to wrap up before the school break. Also, check out our top tips to create your own Kahoot! game.

Top Picks: Fun spring and Easter kahoots

A classic quiz on Easter history and trivia

Preschoolers and teacher playing with a ball
  • 3652 Plays
  • 29234 players


A quiz about Easter (obviously)

This Easter trivia quiz focuses on food and other Easter symbols!

Girl raising her hand
  • 2443 Plays
  • 18353 players

Easter Quiz

#Easter Questions on chocolate, rabbits, eggs, flowers, religion and easter

Try this Easter vocabulary game, perfect for young learners and ESL students

Get the little ones learning and having fun with this Easter Pronouns quiz for Kindergarten level!

Kids playing Kahoot!
  • 1149 Plays
  • 18990 players

Easter Pronouns

Grade Level: Kindergarten. Addresses: He, She, They, and It.

Test your knowledge on all things spring!

Kids playing Kahoot!
  • 996 Plays
  • 9418 players


Test your knowledge on Spring!

Our final pick combines math with Easter candy trivia!

Top tips for creating a great kahoot to play during the Easter holiday


1) Add a fun lobby video

Uploading a YouTube video to the Kahoot! lobby to play whilst your players join the game is a great way to set the scene and get everyone in the mood for the kahoot!

How to insert youtube video in Kahoot!

2) Create your own animated GIF to include in questions

Animated GIFs bring life and fun to a kahoot and aren’t as tricky as they look! Check out this handy how-to guide from Kahoot!’s very own Support Chief Bryan, which shows you which tools to use and how to create your own GIF ‘image reveal’.

3) Challenge family and friends with Ghost Mode

Our spooky ghosts are a bit of a Kahoot! easter egg; you’ll find them lurking after playing a kahoot or on your ‘My results’ page.

How results look like in Kahoot! game

Ghost Mode is a way for learners to compete against their previous score, which appear as ghosts on the scoreboard – it’s a great way to reinforce knowledge, revise and encourage healthy competition!

Once you’ve played your kahoot you can either play again right away in Ghost Mode by hitting the ghost button at the final screen, or share the link with anyone else to challenge them to beat your score!

How to share Kahoot! game

Share your top tips and favorite Easter kahoots with us @GetKahoot on Twitter or in our Facebook community!