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22 May 2017

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#KahootChat: Tips on classroom gaming and blind kahoots with guest host Matthew Farber

Missed #KahootChat? No problem! Check out top tips from our awesome community on games in the classroom and making the most out of blind kahoots from our Twitter chat, guest hosted by super user Matthew Farber!

Super user Matthew Farber guest hosted an awesome #KahootChat, where we got some amazing ideas from our community. Here are their top tips on gaming in the classroom and blind kahoots!

Tips for doing more than review with Kahoot!

1) Use Kahoot! with parents for open school nights and ice breakers at the start of the school year – they have as much fun as students and it shows them what their students’ experience in class!

2) Go beyond core subjects and try Kahoot! with music class or for physical education classes! Get inspiration from Band Director Mr Baggerly and Physical Education teacher Mr Dahl!

3) Use Kahoot! for pre- and post-assessment, by playing a kahoot at the start of the class, then playing the same kahoot in Ghost Mode at the end.


“[Teachers]...make magic happen! And when students experience magic, it's memorable!”


Tips for blind kahoots

1) Kick off a unit with a blind kahoot and make time for discussion between each question

2) Try blind kahoots for diagnostic assessment to establish individuals students’ strengths and weaknesses in specific areas.

3) Download results straight after playing a blind kahoot to access data for differentiation.

“Kahoot! is great for teaching that "red screens" mean you’re learning! Learning is a process. #stickwithit”


Tips for using games to harness student voice and connect classrooms

1) Have students create their own kahoots to accompany bigger projects.

2) Challenge students to contribute one question each on a topic or unit to make a big quiz together as a class.

3) Check out how to use Skype in the Classroom with Kahoot! to keep students engaged and excited!

4) For district-wide connected kahoots, create a shared spreadsheet to list subjects and available times, to connect with teachers easily.

5) Join and post in our teacher-focused Facebook community to find teachers of similar subjects and grades to connect your class with!

Thanks to all who participated!

A huge thanks to @MrsLindaMarie, @sagold, @marlzweinstein, @dmoorespanish, @AJBianco, @MissCook03, @MrsRobbins24, @DevEducators and @MsCGillis for their top tips, and all others who participated in this #KahootChat!

A special thanks goes to Matthew Farber for guest hosting. Got a question for Matthew? You can ask him on Twitter – @matthewfarber. You can also buy Matthew’s book ‘Gamify Your Classroom’ – featuring a chapter on Kahoot! – now on Amazon!

Would you like to guest host a #KahootChat? Get in touch with us @GetKahoot – we can’t wait to hear from you!