The new mobile app we released last month came hand in hand with another major update. We introduced the challenge feature that lets you assign kahoots as homework, something that many of you, our community, were asking for.

We’ve received a lot of encouraging feedback! For example, students on a recent school visit told us they often played challenges on the bus on their way home. Several teachers said learners even challenged their parents with homework kahoots. And Mr. Warren, creator of the awesome “Play Kahoot!” music video, made a very creative take on why challenges and the app rock:

Homework challenges aren’t just fun and engaging. They are great for revising content, save your time on manual correction of assignments and help you instantly assess learning progress. The new reports we’ve just added to our mobile app will make it even easier. Find out how:

Save time on correcting homework

It takes quite a bit of time to check and correct homework assignments on paper before you give feedback to students. Assigning kahoots as homework will save your time, because this kind of homework corrects itself.

When playing challenges on their phones, students find out immediately if they got the correct answer. Now, we also added a new feature that will help learners reflect and review the content. After the game, they can go through the questions when they have time, take a closer look at the images and review correct answers.

Get an instant assessment of learning progress

When students start playing the homework challenge, you can keep track of their progress and assess the results. Log in to your account in our app, open your challenge and tap on the leaderboard to view a report, including:

  • A full leaderboard with all players (while players only see top 5 and their own score)
  • Who completed the challenge and who is still playing
  • What ratio of correct (green) and incorrect answers (red) each of the players had

Homework challenges in Kahoot! app - full leaderboard

  • Also, after a challenge is completed, you can review stats question by question and see the ratio of correct and of incorrect answers.

The insights from these reports turn challenges into an efficient formative assessment tool. The reports will help you understand how well the content was mastered, spot areas that require more attention in your next class and see if some of the students need a bit of extra guidance on the topic.

You can also download reports with homework results in a spreadsheet on your computer. Log in to your account, go to My Results and find the name of the kahoot you assigned as homework challenge on the list.

Download reports with Kahoot! homework results on your computer

Recap: how to assign a kahoot as homework

About to create your first homework challenge? You can create a challenge both from your computer and in our mobile app. Read our recent blog post with detailed instructions or watch this video to learn how to do it: