Over 2.5 billion people from more than 200 countries have played Kahoot! since we launched in 2013. The language of Kahoot! is truly global! Today, we’d like to highlight three workplace heroes from different countries who are sharing their Kahoot! tips.

Review and reinforce any topic, no matter the complexity

In Colombia, Luis Uribe is a training manager at Heel. Heel is a pharmaceutical company that specializes in developing medicines from natural ingredients. As a training manager, it is Luis’ responsibility to bring employees up to speed on new products and to reinforce concepts. He plays Kahoot! with his team members at the beginning of training and uses it to review material later on.

His team loves that “Kahoot! is very dynamic and the game appeals to their competitive nature, so everyone wants to win!” Luis has always used learning strategies in his sessions, and Kahoot! has added the ability to objectively measure the results of the trainings by using the data from the game reports. Luis says he, “has observed that the level of knowledge of the sales team has increased remarkably since using Kahoot!.” He sends the reports to the sales team so they can review and reinforce learning material after the session.

Luis’ top tip is that all employees, not just trainers, can take full advantage of Kahoot! by using it to introduce new topics, reviewing sales strategies, and for reinforcing company policies and values.

Incorporate videos into kahoots to captivate attention

Jānis Svemps specializes in providing game shows for organizations in Latvia, and Kahoot! is one of his favorite tools to use. Companies hire Jānis to create kahoots that inspire collaboration and build up the energy in the room. He says that, “a team event can happen without writing on paper. With Kahoot!, all you need is your phone!” The interactive nature of Kahoot! gets people excited and prepped for learning. Corporate learning doesn’t have to be boring!

One of Jānis’ top tips is to incorporate videos to the Kahoot! Videos are a creative way to customize your kahoot and get your audience even more tuned in.

Keep it simple and encourage teamwork

Ian Seath, owner and director of Improvement Skills Consulting in the United Kingdom, plays Kahoot! in workshops and training courses to reinforce knowledge- but with a twist. Ian says, “I usually ask people to work in pairs so they can collaborate on identifying the answers. We have discussions between each question to clarify any misunderstandings and to explain the correct responses.”

Working in pairs stimulates focused conversation and encourages teamwork among the participants in the session. Plus, Ian remarks that, “it’s quite novel for people to be asked to get his or her smartphone out in a workshop; normally they are told to turn them off and put them away!”

The group quickly understands how Kahoot! works and becomes energized with the competition. Ian, “always makes the game competitive, even if there is no prize for coming out on top.” Ian has received great feedback on his workshops and “participant feedback scores for trainer’s effectiveness and presentation style are 97% and 93% respectively.”

Ian suggests that when creating a kahoot, keep it simple with 5-10 questions. He also likes to “give people 60 seconds for the first few questions, then reduce it to 30 seconds for later questions to make the game more competitive.” Thirdly, don’t be afraid to have the audience work in pairs! This brings a new dynamic to the workshop and gets them working together.

No matter where in the world you are, everyone loves to play Kahoot! Kahoot! livens up sessions and gets your team engaged and learning. Read more about our business subscriptions here and please reach out to us if you have any questions!