DragonBox Numbers is such a powerful math learning app that Forbes magazine calls it “the first thing you should download on a tablet if you have kids 4-8 years old.” Through the month of May, you can download it totally free, otherwise priced at $7.99.

As many schools plan to remain closed for the rest of the school year, parents everywhere are struggling with the sudden responsibility of homeschooling. DragonBox Numbers makes parents’ job easier by supporting their children’s math learning right from home.

Many parents assume that if their kid can count, then he or she fully understands numbers. Unfortunately, children who can correctly recite numbers may not have yet developed what scientists call “number sense”.

Strong number sense gives children a solid foundation for math

Struggling with number sense at a young age is one of the strongest predictors of later math failure in school. This is why DragonBox Numbers has been designed from the ground up to help children improve their number sense.

Children with a strong number sense do not simply see numbers in a linear way. They also have a deep understanding of how numbers are built and how they relate to each other.

Many children find traditional numbers confusing because they are too abstract. That is why DragonBox Numbers features The Nooms: research-based characters that are far more intuitive to visualize and manipulate than regular numbers.

Each number is represented by a Noom with a unique size and color. Two is twice as tall as One and so on.

Nooms add themselves when they swallow each other. Children can also intuitively subtract quantities by slicing a Noom. These tactile operations help them to better understand number properties. While these concepts may seem obvious to us as adults, many children struggle with them. These difficulties can go undiagnosed for years and can lead to falling behind in math learning later in school.

DragonBox Numbers includes several games and activities that will engage children for hours of quality screen time. The app was designed with children’s autonomy in mind, which makes it ideal for fun, self-directed learning at home.

Each time kids complete a puzzle, they are developing their understanding of numbers and reinforcing their number sense. When children manipulate The Nooms, they are actually performing dozens—sometimes even hundreds—of additions and subtractions without noticing.

DragonBox, a Kahoot! company

DragonBox is a Nordic pedagogy studio that is internationally recognized for its radical innovation in math learning. As part of Kahoot!, both companies share a common goal of making learning awesome.

DragonBox offers many more math apps for children and teens that cover topics such as algebra (DragonBox Algebra 5+ and 12+), geometry (DragonBox Elements), long addition and long subtraction (DragonBox Big Numbers).

With so many children currently not being able to attend school, DragonBox Numbers offers parents a great opportunity to help their children develop or maintain a solid math foundation while at home. Download it now for free on Apple’s App Store.