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Common Sense Education shares tips for building strong relationships with students and parents

Common Sense Education, a leader in social and emotional learning and digital citizenship, discusses how educators can support their school communities, ensure a smooth start of the new school year via distance learning, and power up family engagement .

Social and emotional learning is top-of-mind for many educators who are looking for efficient ways to support their students during a transition back-to-school that looks different from any other. In addition to Kahoot! Academy launching its new social and emotional learning collections, Common Sense Education strives to support students and families in developing SEL skills, especially at the start of this unique school year. Let’s dive into their advice to educators:

Use the first week of school to build in conferences with students and families

Understanding the situations of families and having parents as partners is going to be absolutely essential in whatever learning environment you will be in this fall. We need to have one-on-one time with each student and their families to learn more about them – for example, understand what tech setup they have access to at home and what challenges they’re facing in the new realities. From your side, loop them into your plans for this school year.

Hear more advice for educators from Sue Thotz, Outreach Manager at Common Sense Education:

Know that you have a community that supports you when you need it

This year is going to look different than any year prior, and it’s okay to feel a little nervous about it. We are trying to figure out how we can best support our school communities at a time that’s so unpredictable and when we know that educators are looking for the best resources to support their students and families. We are developing the Teacher Center in Wide Open School, which includes curated resources of K-12 content, customizable templates, and recommended tools to help engage with families.

Hear more from Barbara Huth, Outreach Manager at Common Sense Education, on the most challenging aspects of their work:

Understanding the situations of families and having parents as partners is going to be absolutely essential.

Sue Thotz, Outreach Manager, Common Sense Education

Bridge the relationship from school to home

To make the start of the new school year as smooth and stress-free as possible for everyone, we want to provide free, trusted, easy-to-access, easy-to-use resources to support your students and families. Find resources, like those at, that support students and families academically as well as socially and emotionally to make sure everyone feels safe and confident in these online learning spaces.

Hear more from Merve Lapus, Vice President of Education Outreach and National Partners for Common Sense Education, on their goals for this year:

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