We’re thrilled to share that Kahoot! will be presenting a session at Microsoft Store’s upcoming virtual event, “For You, By You: A How-To Series for Educators to Supercharge Classroom Engagement.”

Taking place on March 4 at 2 PM PST, the event is the first in an ongoing series to celebrate the incredible work that educators around the world have been doing in these extraordinary times with a day of fun, connection and support—and even a few surprise celebrity appearances! The event is an opportunity for us to give back to educators and deliver learning resources in topics educators themselves have asked for.

As one of the topics most requested by educators, Kahoot! will be featured in a session during the event to offer insight into how educators can get the most out of using Kahoot! with their students, whether physically together in the classroom or in a remote learning environment. You can reserve your spot at the event today!

“During this time of hybrid and virtual learning, teachers are working harder than ever as students face digital fatigue and other challenges. Microsoft Store created a resource to help connect teachers with the technology and experts to boost student engagement,” said Jessica Wicklund, Marketing Events Manager for Microsoft Store. “We’re thrilled to partner with Kahoot! for our kickoff, to add some much-deserved fun for attendees to bring back to classrooms.”

The Kahoot! session will be presented by Steve Auslander, a Kahoot! Academy Verified educator and one of our featured teachers of the week. As well as a 5th grade teacher, Steve Auslander is a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert and offers helpful tips and resources for other educators on his Kahoot! Academy Verified educator page.

Get the inside scoop on using Kahoot! with Microsoft Teams and more!

In this session, Steve Auslander will share his best tips and tricks for using Kahoot!’s integration with Microsoft Teams, and how to take advantage of this feature to connect and engage with students anywhere, whether in-person or virtually.

The presentation will introduce participants to the exciting range of high-quality learning content available for free on Kahoot! Academy, offered by the Kahoot! family of learning brands and our Premium partners, including iCivics, Rebel Girls and Drops. Attendees will also have a chance to explore Steve’s Verified educator page and discover the benefits of becoming a Verified educator.

Learn new ways to make learning awesome in 2021

During this session, Steve Auslander will be giving a sneak peek into the new features and content Kahoot! users can expect in the coming months, such as the features soon to be available with Kahoot! EDU, a scalable offering that allows admins and school leaders to bring an enhanced Kahoot! experience to their entire school or district.

The session will close with a Kahoot! challenge to introduce attendees to the self-paced game mode. The first 1,500 educators who complete the challenge will receive a swag pack, courtesy of Kahoot!.

Save your spot now!

Reserve your spot to attend Microsoft’s For You, By You event on March 4 by signing up today! You can also learn more about the event’s speakers in Microsoft Store’s latest blog post.