2022 has been a stand-out year for corporate teams and employees, with more Gen Z’ers joining the workforce, many companies developing long-term plans for hybrid or remote work and “quiet quitting” making headlines and raising the alarm about chronic employee disengagement. But what do these trends really mean for the future of work, and how can corporate teams use these insights to take employee success to the next level?

To find out, Kahoot! collaborated with market research consultancy Researchscape to survey 1,635 enterprise workers in the U.S., and you can now see all the essential findings in our new Kahoot! Workplace Culture Report. Inside, you can explore the current landscape of employee engagement, company culture and corporate learning, including surprising insights into the challenges and opportunities for Gen Z and hybrid employees.

Quiet constraint: a wealth of untapped knowledge waiting to be shared

While the buzz around quiet quitting continues, the findings of our survey pointed toward an interesting new trend in the workforce, which could be called “quiet constraint.”  Most employees report that they hold valuable knowledge that could benefit their co-workers, but haven’t shared it yet. However, more than 3 in 4 employees say they would highly value an engaging way to do so.

With the growing demand for upskilling and reskilling, unlocking this hidden potential for peer learning could be critical for many companies, enabling them to support employees’ learning and development, build a future-ready workforce and connect teams through engaging collaboration. 

The missing puzzle piece in virtual work experiences

In this survey, we wanted to look deeper into where companies have room for improvement in employee engagement, across in-person and virtual meetings, training sessions and events. 

Interestingly, while many corporate teams now have years of experience hosting these activities virtually, the findings of this survey show that most are not yet creating digital experiences that “wow” employees. This could be cause for concern considering the growth of distributed corporate teams.

The good news is that employees are pointing to the solutions they want to make virtual work experiences more energizing, from friendly competition to more opportunities for collaboration. 

Even more ways to connect and energize your workplace

For us at Kahoot!, it’s exciting to see the potential for our Kahoot! 360 solutions—particularly Kahoot! 360 Spirit for enterprises—to support companies in achieving these goals, especially with our latest feature updates for immersive interactive presentations. Recently, we added a number of exciting new ways to engage an audience, including Slider for creating engagement around key statistics and Drop pin which allows your audience to vote visually on any slide or image!  And stay tuned for a new edition of Themes, our most immersive experience which puts your brand at the center of the experience, coming soon!

We’ve seen how companies all over the world have used Kahoot! to transform their training experience, energize and engage their employees and take company culture to the next level, whether in-person or virtually, and we’re constantly innovating to help corporate teams rise to new challenges and seize new opportunities.

Ready to begin your own corporate learning and engagement success story? Get in touch with us today at 360@kahoot.com.

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