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10 Jul 2023

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English and Finnish language teacher connects with millions of language learners globally and monetizes content on Kahoot! marketplace

Minna Niemelä is a world-class language teacher with 20 years of teaching experience, and she is dedicated to creating innovative and engaging experiences for learners everywhere. Based in Helsinki, Finland, she teaches English as a foreign language and Finnish for beginners at Helsingin aikuislukio (Helsinki adult high school), working with language learners of all ages, as well as teaching online and distance learning courses at Helsingin verkkolukio (Helsinki online high school). Kahoot! has long been part of Minna’s teaching toolbox, but recently she has taken awesome learning to the next level!

Now a Kahoot! Academy Verified creator, Minna has grown a global community of educators and learners. Her kahoots have been played by over 2 million participants (non-unique) and counting, across her Kahoot! profile for English grammar and vocabulary and her profile for beginner Finnish and English language learners. 

Minna has also begun monetizing her Kahoot! courses on Kahoot! marketplace, offering them for educators and learners of all ages looking for in-depth and engaging language learning experiences.

As Minna said, “With Kahoot!, I think the sky’s the limit, really. It really has helped me to use my creativity. And I think it has made me more creative, because the more you learn about how to make engaging and fun games, the more you do it, the more ideas you get. You never stop learning!”

Minna has been bringing joy to learning with Kahoot! for 9 years, beginning not long after Kahoot! launched in 2013. When Kahoot! Academy was announced in 2021, Minna knew right away that she wanted to be part of it. She immediately sent in her application and joined Kahoot! Academy as a Verified creator!

“I just loved it from the beginning, because you get this friendly and international community where people are doing the same things to help students and learners. Straight from the beginning, I felt that I was also learning so much from others and I was using my creativity.”

Minna Niemelä, English and Finnish language teacher at Helsingin aikuislukio

Finding inspiration and creating community

The worldwide community of educators and learners on Kahoot! would prove to be key to inspiring Minna to unlock her creativity and explore what’s possible to create with Kahoot!. 

“I think some people might think that Kahoot! is always just quizzing,” Minna said. “There’s so much more to it and it can really make a difference in your lesson plans and in your teaching content as a whole.”

As an experienced teacher, Minna is well-versed in what’s important for students to learn and what works best to engage students in the classroom. However, she doesn’t underestimate the power of learning from her students and fellow teachers, getting creative, and trying new things. 

Minna’s students are as enthusiastic as she is about learning through play, and aren’t shy about asking for more kahoots on certain topics. Kahoot!’s analytics have also become an important tool in understanding what kind of content learners most want to see. Likewise, the ability to “follow” Kahoot! Academy Verified creators has enabled Minna to stay connected with other educators and their content, where she often discovers new ideas and inspiration.

“I love the cooperation and the creativity because I've always been interested in learning new ways to teach and learn. And at Kahoot!, they’re developing the platform so much, so there's always something new coming, and always something new to learn.”

Minna Niemelä

From kahoot creator to pro course seller on Kahoot! marketplace

After building her own community of educators and learners worldwide who love her Kahoot! content, it was a no-brainer to then begin sharing and selling Kahoot! courses on Kahoot! marketplace. Her courses help learners build key language skills, including vocabulary and grammar, while having fun in the playful, interactive experience of Kahoot!. 

On Kahoot! marketplace, Verified creators can create, share, and monetize their courses and other teaching resources right on Kahoot!. Educators, parents, and learners of all ages can discover compelling learning content on a wide variety of subjects. Kahoot! content is also available in many different languages, making it more accessible for learners worldwide, while also supporting language learning.

Educators and content creators like Minna inspire us every day to make learning even more awesome. With Kahoot! marketplace, we are thrilled to offer them a platform to create, share, and monetize their learning content—not only engaging their own students, but reaching teachers and learners around the world.

Discover Minna’s Kahoot! courses bringing language learning to life!

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