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26 Jun 2023

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Science and biology teacher Karin Schinkmann reaches 100’s of thousands of students with Kahoot! and monetizes her courses on the Kahoot! Marketplace

Karin Schinkmann is an outstanding science teacher who has a passion for biology and teaching. She currently teaches biology to high-school students in grades 9 to 12 at the prestigious International School of Boston. She is also a Verified creator at Kahoot! Academy and recently started to monetized her Kahoot! courses on the Kahoot! marketplace

Her innovative use of the Kahoot! platform has earned her a devoted following of over 417,000 total players from around the globe in her Kahoot! profile who are eager to learn and engage with her content.

“I’ve noticed that my Kahoot! profile has been steadily growing over the past couple of years,” Karin said. “Initially, I would only play with my students, but soon enough, I had over a hundred people playing with my content. Before I knew it, that number grew to over a thousand, and now I’m amazed to see that I could reach over 10,000 players this year. It’s been a journey, but it’s incredible to see how it’s taken off lately.”


Karin’s unwavering commitment to meeting her students’ unique learning needs and desired outcomes truly sets her apart. She understands that traditional teaching methods alone may not be sufficient to keep students engaged and motivated in the long run. Thus, she has incorporated Kahoot! into her teaching approach to make learning more enjoyable, interactive, and effective.

“I have noticed that many students have a keen interest in video games and competition. This is why I think Kahoot! is the perfect tool to use in the classroom. My students always ask for Kahoot! at the end of each topic so they can reinforce their learning. I find that using Kahoot! is an effective way to build, reinforce, and assess learning.”

Karin Schinkmann, Biology Science Teacher at the International School of Boston

High School Students from the International School of Boston at a lecture hosted by Karin Schinkmann


Expanding content creation on the Kahoot! marketplace

Over time, Karin has mastered the various question types and features available on the Kahoot! platform, allowing her to create engaging and challenging kahoots that enhance her students’ progress and understanding of the material. 

Her games are designed with her students in mind, and she collaborates closely with the Kahoot! team to ensure that her content is of the highest quality and relevance.

Karin’s dedication to her craft has not gone unnoticed, and she has become a Verified creator and publisher. It is at the Kahoot! marketplace where Karin offers exceptional content for sale, allowing learners and educators worldwide to benefit from her expertise. 

The Kahoot! marketplace enables Verified creators like Karin to create, share and monetize their content directly on the Kahoot! platforms and apps. The content available on the Kahoot! marketplace is both fun and educational and it’s available in many different languages so people can access it worldwide. 

Karin’s games have been steadily selling in the last six months in Kahoot! marketplace. She uses the valuable insights gained from the analytics the product features offer her to refine and improve her content creation further and continue growing her sales..

“My major success so far has been the experience of being part of Marketplace. I’m being engaged and I have fun thinking about what might sell and might not sell. With the addition of the Marketplace analysis tool, I can see what people are buying. Before I only knew that money was coming into my account, but I actually didn’t know where it was coming from. Now I can see what people like and I can adjust my kahoots.”

Karin Schinkmann

Overall, Karin is an inspiring example of a passionate and dedicated educator’s impact on the education community. Her commitment to her students and her craft has set a high standard for educators worldwide, and we are fortunate to have her as a part of our teaching community.

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