A few weeks ago, we introduced Kahoot! for schools, our new solution that helps teams of teachers collaborate, save time and create even more engaging games together. Teachers from Round Rock ISD, Texas, were among the first to test drive it, and now they’re all set to roll out Kahoot! Pro across several schools. True pioneers!

We dropped by for a visit to chat about their experience, and here’s what they told us about test driving Kahoot! Pro:

Getting all games organized by grade and subject

Folders have obviously become a hot hit in Round Rock! For example, Becky Hollifield, 1st grade teacher from Voigt Elementary, said that she has already organized her kahoots by subject. Not only it’s helpful for her personal productivity, but lets her collaborate with a team because they can easily find relevant content.

Define areas that need reteaching in detailed reports

Several teachers pinpointed that detailed reports in Kahoot! Pro for schools made it easier for them to define areas that need reteaching. Both Ashley Jackson and Nancy Smith, 4th grade teachers from Voigt Elementary School, explained how it helps to dive into results visualized question by question.

Finding high quality images is never a roadblock!

Images are one of the key ingredients of an awesome kahoots, especially if you’re teaching vocabulary. Language teacher Nancy Smith shared that previously she couldn’t create as many kahoots as she’d love to because it was too time consuming to find relevant, high quality images. With the image library in Kahoot! Pro for schools it’ll only take seconds, so you can create more engaging kahoots and create them faster!

Watch the full case study video:

Upgrade to Kahoot! for schools and get your colleagues on board, too! We’re also running some special holiday offers – so don’t delay! 🙂