Fun, competitive and dynamic, a game of Kahoot! helps break the ice in any audience, gets participants really plugged in and establishes a better connection with your content. That’s why many companies often use Kahoot! in their events, from team building sessions to large international conferences and competitions. If you’re still looking for that little extra to make your event special, read this roundup of success stories to learn from organizations who Kahoot!’ified their events!

Liftoff: customer events

Liftoff, a mobile marketing company and one of top 10 fastest growing tech companies in the U.S., applies the same thinking to customer events as to their internal team building. And that is – help people connect with each other! Prior to events, they do some homework to find more info about the customers’ companies and create a kahoot focused on that info.

Here’s how Nicole Bansal, global events marketing manager at Liftoff, describes this experience: “Playing Kahoot! quickly breaks the ice and can kick off some great networking among the participants. Every once in a while, a customer misses a question about his or her own company – expect a lot of noise and jokes from colleagues to follow!” Read Liftoff’s full story with tips for boosting your kahoot creation skills.

Spirax Sarco: annual sales conference

Spirax Sarco, global leader in steam management systems, played Kahoot! at their annual sales conference in the US. Kelli Tutsie, Customer Training Manager who was responsible for gamifying the event, chose Kahoot! because it was fun, quick to use, included a competitive element with a leaderboard, and all participants needed to join with a mobile phone.

Prior to the conference, Kelli worked with presenters to get input on 3-4 questions to be included in a kahoot after each session to reinforce the content. Over the course of 3 days, she helped them gamify a staggering number of 26 sessions! To give participants extra motivation, it was announced that 10 champions would win gift cards. Needless to say, the competitive part activated the audience even more, and everyone wanted to get their name onto the consolidated leaderboard!

After the success at the US sales conference, Kahoot! was adopted by teams at Spirax Sarco in other countries, too.

Royal Norwegian Consulate General: shipping conference and activities around it

RNCG in Houston took a really creative approach to bringing Kahoot! into the program of their shipping conference. Not only they gamified the event itself, but also used it to create buzz some days before and follow up with attendees right after.

To warm up attendees and build anticipation, the RNCG sent out emails with a Kahoot! challenge several days before the event. To add extra motivation, they mentioned that the winner would get a prize – rewards work great to incentivize participation! If you’d like to try it out prior to your next event, check out the best practices for using Kahoot! challenges. Also, RNCG’s checklist to conference success that you’ll find in the same blog post is worth printing out!

European Banking Federation: international student competition

To help students across Europe crack the mystery of managing money, and do it in a fun, interactive way, the European Banking Federation (EBF) chose Kahoot! as a platform for running their first ever European Money Quiz. Over 40,000 students from 32 countries participated in this competition in 2018!

On the stage of national competitions, teams in each country clashed in a final kahoot via live stream. Then, winning teams from 25 countries came head to head in Brussels to compete for the champion’s title in the ultimate kahoot. Read all about this amazing competition in our recent case study.

Looking for a solution to gamify an educational, business, cultural or sporting event? Learn more about how Kahoot! for businesses can help you! By the way, if you sign up for Kahoot! Premium or its event edition, the subscription includes an hour of event consultancy. This means we’ll help you find the optimal recipe for using Kahoot! in your event and program it for success.