As the 2019-2020 school year is drawing to a close, it is the ideal moment to reflect upon the unprecedented, eventful year that we have seen and celebrate together. High school and university graduates from around the globe are coming up with creative ways to celebrate this milestone in their lives through virtual get togethers via Google Meet, Zoom and other platforms.

Screenshot of a kahoot yearbook question


Kahoot is the perfect platform to celebrate the end of a school year for students and teachers, be it face to face or via remote learning. Inspired by Jennifer Scott, I came up with this idea of a Kahoot!-based yearbook that would bring teachers and students together even when we can’t meet each other in person.

Get together with your students and fellow teachers to create the ultimate collaborative kahoot which will provide lasting memories for everyone involved in graduation ceremonies. Here are some ideas for setting it up considering the current situation.

Step 1: Establish categories and topics

In each category, assign contributors for your yearbook kahoot. You can invite students, parents and teachers to contribute their questions. Here are some examples of topics we’re looking into:

  • Facts about the graduating class
  • Year in review
  • School sports (hockey, track and field, etc)
  • School clubs (cheerleading, debate team, etc)
  • Student achievements
  • Collages
  • Bands and choirs
  • Afterschool activities
  • Teaching staff
  • Best friends

Step 2: Decide how everyone can contribute kahoot questions

An easy way to collect questions is to ask contributors to add them to Kahoot!’s spreadsheet template that can be imported later. Then you can combine questions into one “master spreadsheet” and upload it into your kahoot.

Alternatively, you can set up a Google Form aligned with the spreadsheet template to collect questions. I really liked this idea shared by Jacqueline Prester on the Kahoot! blog. Check her article for more detailed instructions!

Final step: Have fun playing and celebrating together

Once you’ve put all questions together, remember to add images or videos! This is the perfect time for good memories and some shared jokes.

Organize a class-, grade- or school-wide Kahoot! competition for students, parents and teachers! This could take place in any virtual format or in person, if your school reopens by then. I would also recommend trying to play in team mode to boost team spirit during this event. And why not create a challenge so that anyone can treasure the memories of a unique school year!


This school year has been unlike any other – but I think we all did a great job staying together even during social distancing! Let’s celebrate together!