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3 Sep 2021

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Student aces AP exam after studying with learning games on Kahoot!

Zoë Greblunas, 17-year-old high school student from New Jersey, believes that studying works better when you’re motivated to win. Read how she harnessed the power of friendly competition with kahoots to help her score high on the AP U.S. History exam!

Throughout the last school year, many students found it challenging to stay engaged and motivated while learning from home due to COVID-19. When southern New Jersey high school student Zoë was getting ready to take an exam with college credit on the line, the AP U.S. History test, she decided to prepare the same way her teacher helped her and her classmates review during virtual classes—by playing kahoots!

We interviewed Zoë to hear about how she took test prep to the next level to score an impressive 4 on her test, and what advice she has for her fellow students.

AP U.S. History exam

Even when I was studying on my own time, I wanted to see how many points I could get and how long I could keep a streak going.

Zoë, former AP U.S. History student

What inspired you to use Kahoot! to study for your AP test? 

“Originally, when we were in class, we were virtual because of COVID, so we would spend all day on Zoom going through slideshow after slideshow. My teacher realized we weren’t exactly paying that much attention, so he started using Kahoot! for each topic or chapter that we covered, to go over all the bigger points that we may have lost through the lectures.

That ended up being really helpful for me when it came to tests, so before my AP exam, I looked up the topics I was studying on Kahoot! and found kahoots that my teacher had created. I played through them to review the content, and it worked!”

How did studying with Kahoot! compare with other methods you’ve used?

“I think this was more effective because I’m very competitive, so seeing my name at the top of the leaderboard is definitely a motivating factor for wanting to do well. Even when I was studying on my own time, I wanted to see how many points I could get and how long I could keep a streak going.”

It sounds like you really played to win! Did you play in single-player mode at home?

“Yeah! Sometimes I would get my mom to join in, because she likes history too, so she tried her best.”

We love seeing families play together, especially when everyone learns something! Do you also use Kahoot! outside of the classroom and studying?

“Yeah, we do! One time, my friend couldn’t make it to a Christmas party that we were having with all my friends, so she made a kahoot. It had Harry Potter trivia and all kinds of fun facts about her, so it was like she was still there even though she was away.”

What’s your favorite part of the Kahoot! experience? Any features you especially like?

“I like the new podium at the end of a game where it shows the spotlight and the names! I thought that was really cool the first time I saw that in class.”

Do you have any tips for other students who are thinking of using Kahoot! to study for their tests?

“Find some friends to invite to study with you, because it’s always fun when you can add that competitive aspect to it. It makes you want to try harder and actually learn the information, so that if it comes up again in another question, you’re ready for it!”

Thank you Zoë for sharing your insights with our readers! 

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