Returning to hybrid learning? Luckily we’re not back to square one and Kahoot! is here to help with your (virtual) classroom engagement. Many of the amazing teachers who are using our platform every day sent us requests for new features to make learning with Kahoot! more engaging for their students online, in-person, or both! 2022 will be the year to take full advantage of these opportunities. So, in case you missed it, here are some of the most requested new features that you can use to make the learning experience accessible and easy for your students to learn anywhere, anytime!

Display questions and answers on students’ devices when hosting a live kahoot

Engaging a class that is simultaneously in the classroom and on a computer screen is a challenge that you probably never thought you would have to deal with before 2020. Last year we were excited to introduce our new Single screen game option, the most requested feature from educators. Single screen enables questions and answers on players’ devices, making the live Kahoot! experience even more inclusive and accessible for all learners. 

Encourage collaboration and communication by playing kahoots in our new Team Mode 

Learning to be collaborative is a key skill that nurtures teamwork, leadership skills, and good communication. However, opportunities for in-person collaboration in the current learning environment are becoming increasingly more rare. That is why we created a new Team Mode where students can play kahoots as a team, discuss answers together in team talk, and participate from school or at home over video calling platforms and using their personal devices. Each students’ answer counts in the team score enhancing the feeling of individual contribution and ownership while encouraging everyone to work together and help each other learn. A great way for students to build 21st century skills at school!

Why not instruct with a kahoot and skip switching between multiple screens?

Integrating your lessons into kahoots with Slides is a great way to make the entire lesson interactive. You can create your own slides using one of our many templates and our library of GIFs, or import slides from Powerpoint, Google Slides, and PDFs so you don’t have to do the work twice! Without having to switch between multiple presentation tools, you can recap key concepts by including questions at checkpoints throughout the lesson that allows your students to self-assess their understanding. You can even have your students create their own interactive presentations to demonstrate their learning with the class! Here is a quick tutorial video on how you and your students can make your own slides in Kahoot!:

Organize full class sessions into comprehensive learning experiences with Courses

Did you know that you can create entire lesson plans in the Kahoot! platform with Kahoot! Courses? By allowing teachers to combine their existing content with kahoots, documents, and exploratory digital activities in one place, you can design comprehensive learning experiences including homework materials and study guides. You can even track your student’s progress throughout the various activities within the course to inform the next steps!

Add Audio to kahoots for more interactive reading and listening assignments

Whether your students are learning a new language or young learners expanding their reading and comprehension skills, using Read aloud and audio media types in your kahoots is a game-changer. By converting text to lifelike speech, students will be able to practice vocabulary, define words, and type translations of entire expressions. Available in 37 languages, the new Read aloud feature is making kahoots even more inclusive and accessible.

From all of us at Kahoot!, we would like to wish you all the best for this new year ahead and thank you for working together with us to make learning awesome! We are always excited to hear from you on Twitter if you have any feedback or new ideas as the year progresses, so we can do our part by making learning even more inclusive and engaging this year!