Whether you are back to in-person classes or taking advantage of the opportunities hybrid learning has to offer, teachers have been adapting to constant change in the classroom. That’s why for this year’s Kahoot! EDU Meetup: Spring edition, in addition to all of the exciting new ways to play Kahoot! and be a part of our community, we invited teachers from all over the world to share their experiences with us!

If you weren’t able to attend the Meetup live or want to rewatch any of your favorite sessions, video recordings will be available on the event page, or you can read below for a brief recap of each session!

Spring ahead with Kahoot!
Sean D’Arcy, VP of Kahoot! at school discussed the new challenges that students and teachers are facing coming back to the classroom, and how Kahoot! can help close student knowledge gaps. With engaging themes, new and improved team mode, more languages, and new learning apps like Kahoot! Kids and Kahoot! Multiplication, there are so many new ways to keep students engaged and focused on learning in any environment. 

New Kahoot! ambassador program for Teachers of Awesome
Our Community Manager and wonderful co-host of the Meetup, Hannah Harris, introduced our brand new ambassador program for curious minds, enthusiastic collaborators, and passionate educators to participate in a virtual community and advocate for game-based learning. If this sounds like you then applications are open now! Go to this page to learn more and apply!

Kahoot! Academy and Kahoot!’s new marketplace
Agnete T. Pedersen, VP of Kahoot! Academy, addressed “the great resignation” facing so many in this time of change and how Kahoot! is tapping into the creator economy. Our soon-to-be-launched marketplace for learning content provides teachers with a new outlet to monetize their original content or buy ready-to-use premium content from other Verified creators. Join Kahoot! Academy and become a Verified creator here to join a global community of educators creating and sharing learning content for all!

Roundtable: What’s really going on?
Now that a majority of schools have headed back into the classroom we caught up with a few of our Kahoot! Verified educators to hear about their experiences, challenges, and takeaways from a tumultuous few years of teaching. Thank you so much to Charell Gibson Coleman, Kerri Benton-Coleman, and Thomas Arntson for sharing their journey and so many great tips to use inside and outside the classroom to manage personal and professional wellbeing and strategies for helping kids learn in difficult times. Rewatch the session below:

K!offee kahoots
What would a Kahoot! EDU Meetup be without playing amazing kahoots that are both a ton of fun and educational? We invited our own Phylicia Jimenez and Kahoot! Ambassadors and Verified educators, Saysha Jackson and Brian Heisey, to host kahoots covering integrating SEL approaches in your daily routines, supporting our littlest learners in building community, and strategies for using the powerful tools the Kahoot! platform offers to foster student-centered learning. Here is some of the amazing feedback we received from you during those kahoots:

Amplifying awesome teacher voices
We had the privilege of hearing from our own community of Kahoot! Ambassadors and Verified educators: Joseph Gabriel, Katlyn (Keke) Powell, Sean O’Brien, and May Versoza share their personal journeys with Kahoot! and how they use it in their own classrooms, physically and virtually, around the world to connect, collaborate, and inspire students to learn through supercharged classroom moments! We thank them for sharing their experiences with us and encourage you to go watch their sessions here!

Where everybody knows your name: Why belonging matters for teachers and students
Finally, our Director of Pedagogy, Louisa Rosenhack, shared the importance of the feeling of belonging for students and teachers to thrive in their schools. In this session, we learned all about why it is so important and how we can make each other feel welcome and valued as educators!

We absolutely LOVED hearing from so many amazing teachers about all of their challenges and triumphs and hope that this Meetup was a valuable resource and opportunity for you to feel empowered going back into your classrooms energized with new ways of teaching and Kahoot!ing.

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