On Kahoot!’s new marketplace, educators globally can share their knowledge and passion with learners and learning providers everywhere by offering their content for sale. 

How to share your content on Kahoot!’s marketplace:

  1. Become a Verified creator! This will grant you marketplace seller access, a Verified profile to promote your content, opportunities to receive donations and gain followers, access to unique resources, and more.
  2. Create and upload your resources to the marketplace using the best practices guide and helpful resources
  3. Sell, promote and earn from your content! Share your learning resources on your Kahoot! profile and via your own social media profiles, and earn money for each course sold!  

Verified educators on Kahoot!+ Start, Premier, and Max for teachers and higher ed educators, and Kahoot! Plus, Pro, Premium and Premium+ for teachers can submit their learning resources for sale. All Verified educators can also share their content for free, and receive donations directly from their Kahoot! profile page. 

Get inspired by these featured marketplace creators or learn more about how to become a creator!

Learn more from the Kahoot! Marketplace webinar

Want to learn more? View the recently hosted webinar or sign up for the next live session on September 15, 2022 to learn all you need to know about the new marketplace, how to become a marketplace creator, and how to get paid for your content.

More opportunities for creators and learners coming soon! 

This is just the beginning of Kahoot!’s new marketplace offering! Over the next months, we are excited to expand our creator and content offerings on more topics and formats, from both educators and well-known publishers. 

Explore and get inspired by the learning resources available on the marketplace today, or apply to become a Verified creator — the first step towards offering your content on the new marketplace.

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