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18 Aug 2017

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#KahootChat: community wisdom for the new school year

Missed our August #KahootChat? No problem! Check out top tips from our awesome community on how they get ready for the new school year, and make back to school awesome!


We hosted a special #KahootChat in time for back to school, and as always, we were thrilled by the creativity of our community, who shared their wisdom for the new year!

Back to school Twitter chat promo

Build a positive learning environment together

1) Focus on building relationships to develop a classroom community and culture.

2) Make sure your students are involved in decisions

2) Work together on a classroom “social contract” – i.e. the goals and rules that you and your students will commit to in the new school year, which you can put up on the wall as a reminder!


Ace your first back-to-school class

1) Kick off with a review where students create games about what they got up to during their summer vacations – make sure they take the lead.

2) Take extra time to engage students by asking them lots of open questions and offering them choices on what activities to do.

3) Don’t be scared to fail – it’s worth testing out new technologies, ideas or activities, even if they don’t work out. FAIL = first attempt at learning!

Top back to school planning tip - don't put too much on the walls. It's more powerful to build your classroom environment WITH students over time.

Carol Salva, ESL Consultant & NELD Teacher

Top books for your classroom library

1)  Roald Dahl stories – his books are universally adored by adults and kids, and are great for reading aloud in class.

2) Innovators Mindset by George Couros, Ditch that Textbook by Matt Miller, and the Hack Learning Series are highly recommended.

3) Don’t forget to include books your students choose and curate a display together!


Reward and motivate students as the new year progresses

1) Assign ‘golden time’ once a week where students who have behaved well during the week have full freedom to choose what activities they want to do for this set period.

2) Student prizes don’t have to be tangible items – they can be in the form of extra praise, a pass to swap seats, leave class a little early, or have extra computer time!

3) Organize a time at the end of the day where you and students can give shout outs to each other – it’s important to show students that you care about them.

Thanks to all who participated!

A huge thanks to all who participated in this #KahootChat – you can find the full thread on Storify!

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Would you like to guest host a #KahootChat? Get in touch with us @GetKahoot – we can’t wait to hear from you!