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I work at Cafe Leep, a community cafe in Leeds staffed by adults with learning disabilities who train to get their Level 1 or 2 Food Safety certification in Catering. I have many roles – Assistant Manager, Social Media, Tutor, Cooking Group Facilitator. It is as Food Safety Tutor that I get to play Kahoot! with trainees with learning disabilities. So far, 30 people have passed through our program and are now actively working in the community using the skills they learned here.

Employees Kahoot!ing at Café Lee[

Kahoot! teaches key skills and makes us digitally inclusive

We began using Kahoot! for training in January, 2019. Our sister company, Leep1, had been using Kahoot! for about six months prior to that. One way we have incorporated it into our classes is by adding our exam practice tests to the app to make the learning fun, interesting and inclusive for everyone. We play and train with it every day! We have different levels of tests for different abilities and want to add more. We play at our cooking groups twice a week, usually in team mode against each other, which increases engagement even more.

Kahoot! helped our trainees become more digitally involved. Recently, we received a loan of iPads from Leeds Libraries and a membership to the Online Centres Network. Now our trainees learn quickly and are ready to pass their exams. They obtain new skills and become digitally independent. Our trainees enjoy the Kahoot! quizzes because they make things more interactive.

Employees Kahoot!ing at Café Leep

Practice makes for fun perfection

I recommend using Kahoot! in training both for individual practice and in team mode, as we do in our cooking groups.

I create kahoots based on our tests that I have developed over the past 4 years. The tests are linked to information you need to know to work in a commercial kitchen and information you need to know to pass an NVQ (National Vocational Qualification in the UK) exam. We have only been playing Kahoot! for our training for a couple of months, but the scores have been improving week by week.

I like the fact that the time to answer questions can be changed and photos can be linked to each question, making it more informative. I would recommend Kahoot! to any company who is seeking a fun, interactive tool that gives people the knowledge they need to succeed in their profession.

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