Now, in addition to text, you can use images as answer alternatives. By providing you with an alternative to words, Kahoot! becomes a great tool for teaching young students who are still learning to read and students who struggle with text. What’s more, images as answers opens up a world of possibilities for K-12 and higher education teachers. For example, math teachers can now easily quiz their students on everything from equations to graphs!

Where this new feature can be useful

Images as answers will bring a new level of instruction and fun to different subjects. It allows you to instruct a broader group of learners and lets:

  • Math teachers explain graphs and fractions in a more interactive way
  • Language teachers use image answers to connect words with the correct image
  • Geography teachers use images as answers to highlight different landmarks
  • Music teachers help students memorize musical notes
  • Special education teachers engage with students of all reading levels

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How do images work as answers?

The ability to use images as answer alternatives is a free feature for all teachers. Click Create in the top navigation bar and choose New kahoot. Start adding your quiz or poll question and upload images as answer alternative tiles. You can even mix it up by having a blend of images and text answer alternatives in one question.

Here’s a quick guide on how to add images to answer alternatives:

1) Click Create and choose either a quiz or poll question type
2) Hover over the answer alternative and click the small image icon
3) Upload or drag and drop an image from your desktop or use an image from our library

When you host a kahoot live, the images are displayed on the big screen in a color tile while the players’ devices just display the colored tiles. If you play a kahoot as a challenge, players see the question and images on their computers or mobile devices.

How to add images as answers

Read more on how to play Kahoot! as a student-paced challenge or how to host Kahoot! via video conferencing.

Get in touch with us on Twitter, as we’d love to hear what you think of images as answers and how you’ll use them!