This is an unprecedented time for everyone. At Kahoot!, we have taken these changes seriously and adapted quickly to the changing global environment where teachers are transitioning to distance learning, students and children are learning from home, and companies are operating through distributed teams.

Through March, we have seen a rapid and fundamental shift in how digital tools are being used in companies, organizations, in social contexts and in all kinds of educational institutions. There has been a substantial increase of distributed use of Kahoot! through videoconferencing and remote individual assignments to employees, students, and social players.

Growth and adoption in schools, home and work environments

From schools and teachers, we see an increased number of signups and interest in Kahoot! Premium editions. As a contribution to schools being impacted by COVID-19, Kahoot! has given free access to Premium editions to all teachers and schools for the rest of the school year and received great response. During the recent increase in traffic, we had over 100K new signups of Kahoot! accounts per day.

Organizations and companies of all sizes are increasingly using Kahoot! for remote training, sharing knowledge, building corporate culture and creating excitement across the distributed organization. The use of Kahoot! together with collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts Meet, Zoom, Slack and Skype are opening up new and creative ways to make learning awesome!

Companies are also increasingly assigning Kahoot! quizzes as challenges for training their employees and building engagement. We have seen a huge increase in the assignment of challenges on our platform in the last month.

As self study has increased in popularity, our learning apps DragonBox and Poio have seen tremendous interest from the media and a significant increase in downloads and usage for homeschooling and self-study. Kahoot! apps have been the editor’s choice for homeschooling and remote learning by Apple, Wired, The New York Times and publications around the world.

We have started 2020 with a strong growth in usage and we now have approx. 17 million active Kahoot! accounts hosting over 200 million kahoot games in the last 12 months for over 1.3 billion participating players around the world. Our first quarter update also shows our growth in revenues and new Premium accounts continues and with a healthy financial foundation and positive cash flow from our operations, we can continue to invest more going forward.

Making a transition to facilitate remote learning

As a company, we have taken several operational actions to adjust to the new work-from-home reality and to secure the well-being of our employees. Kahoot! employees and extended teams are working round the clock to help teachers, schools, businesses and parents around the world affected by coronavirus adapt to the reality of remote learning.

We believe that there should be no limits to when and where you can learn, and we are committed to supporting online learning at all times. Therefore we will continue to increase investments in better functionality of our products for both free and paying users.

New initiatives

In the coming months, Kahoot! will launch several new features and initiatives including Kahoot! Study for self-study, Kahoot! Study Groups for students and corporate training, interactive presentations and improved integrations with other essential tools for distributed learning.

The new times have made us even more aware of the importance of Kahoot!, as a learning platform and to create engagement and share knowledge in groups, teams, classes and social settings. We will do what we can to serve all our students, teachers, professionals and parents around the world even better in the future.