Since my last update a month ago, we have all been settling into what is now the “new normal”, and what will remain for the next several months; if not more.

Over the past quarter, we at Kahoot! have seen a rapid and fundamental shift in how digital tools are being used in various social contexts, companies, organizations, and educational institutions. With this in mind, we have been able to quickly adapt our platform to fit the current needs of our users and customers and adapt to the latest trends.

Positioning for a world with social distancing

Instead of playing in conference rooms, classrooms or event venues, kahoots are now being played remotely through tools such as Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, Microsoft Teams. In the last two months, there has been a fivefold increase in Kahoot! being used in remote learning in asynchronous individual assignments.

As self-study has become more popular, our learning apps DragonBox and Poio have seen tremendous interest from the media and a significant increase in downloads and usage for homeschooling and self-study. Our award-winning learn-to-read app Poio was featured by Apple as “apps we love” in the App Store.

To support distance learning for teachers and students, we introduced free access to Premium editions for schools for the remainder of the school year, which received an overwhelming response. We are now teaming up with Apple to give away our popular iOS maths app, DragonBox Numbers, through the month of May to help parents with homeschooling and students faced with learning at home.

Strong momentum

Today we announced financial results from the first quarter of 2020, and it makes me proud to say that we have made some significant launches and changes, and delivered fantastic results:

Kahoot! delivered invoiced revenue totaling $6.4 million in the past quarter, reporting 220% growth in revenues year over year and 21% growth quarter over quarter. Since Kahoot! was launched back in 2013, we have crossed a whopping 4.4 billion cumulative players globally! Just in April 2020, we added 30K new paid seats, which is three times the usual rate.

This quarter’s other milestones include the launch of interactive presentations for our business users; introducing the ability to multi-select more than one answer for a question, launching our award-winning Poio learn-to-read app in the U.S, as well as rolling out the functionality to set images as answer options in questions.

To support educators in their transition to distance learning, we have launched a series of free webinars “Make distance learning awesome” in collaboration with our ambassadors. For our business audience, we started hosting webinars to help them get started with Kahoot! and learn more about our newest features, such as interactive presentations.

Earlier this week, we launched powerful analytics in our newest version of reports which will allow educators to discover important insights on student performance and take formative assessment to the next level.

Upcoming new features, initiatives, and events to support users remotely

I am optimistic about how Kahoot! will continue to bring engagement, culture, training, and learning, not to mention fun, to people in different settings; from classroom lessons to workplace presentations.

Our talented and hardworking team is focused on new features and initiatives to make things easier for you, our customers. In the coming weeks, we will launch improved integrations with essential tools for distributed learning, Kahoot! Study for self-study and group studying, as well as a full-featured offering with advanced features for businesses and enterprises, called Kahoot! 360.

This June, we will hold our first ever global virtual event, Kahoot! EDU Summit, which will be a platform for educators to access and share learning resources, ideas and inspiration for the next school year.

We will continue to invest in making learning awesome and we are excited to continue to work with all our users and customers to further improve our services!