Simplify lesson planning with AI

This year, we said goodbye to time-consuming lesson preparation and introduced time-saving teaching tools like our latest AI solution, the PDF-to-kahoot generator! This brand-new feature makes it quicker and simpler than ever to create high-quality kahoots in seconds and integrate them seamlessly into your teaching resources. Simply upload your PDF, and watch the magic unfold as questions are extracted from curriculum files to lesson guides. Simply select the best questions from the list of suggestions, customize them, and add images to make the kahoot your own.

Updated AI-enhanced tools are available to educators with Kahoot!+ Max subscriptions! Find the PDF-to-kahoot generator in Kahoot! Creator anytime you create a new kahoot from scratch or upgrade your Kahoot! account today to try for yourself.

gif overviewing AI PDF-to-kahoot

Student-centered learning with game experiences

Boost student engagement by repurposing your existing kahoots into nine different game experiences for students who love friendly competition, group challenges, or studying in solo mode so they can learn while they play! Kahoot!’s student game experiences put students in the driving seat, giving you more time with each student.

We started the year by launching Chill Art, a calm experience that inspires creativity and focused learning. This was followed by Tallest Tower, Cosmic Conquest, The Lost Pyramid, and Robot Run, all promoting engaging, student-led learning and fostering a dynamic classroom. 

For all our math teachers, we launched Duck-Duck Fractions, and Pop-pop Multiplications, our new ready-to-play cooperative math games! Creating a new way to motivate young learners to master the fundamentals of fractions and multiplication through fun and engaging level-based gameplay.

Play our latest math games, to create a good classroom culture through team-based, collaborative gameplay on our all-in-one teaching platform Kahoot!+ today!


Access high-quality learning resources from your favorite creators with channels

Introducing Channels, the brand-new unique space to access high-quality content and deeper learning experiences from your favorite creators, all in one place. 

Creators can set up multiple channels with content focused on specific topics, allowing you to subscribe to the ones that align with your interests and needs, offering premium kahoots and courses! 

With courses, educators can access ready-made full class sessions that combines different content formats, such as kahoots, documents, and exploratory digital activities into comprehensive learning experiences right in the Kahoot! Platform. Follow the channel of any creator you like to save valuable time accessing engaging, ready-made kahoots and courses in a few clicks. 

Collect valuable responses with feedback question types

Enhance your assessment strategies and gain your students’ insights, ideas, and opinions with feedback question types to boost interaction and engagement during or after your lesson! Question types such as the latest Scale option, give you a better idea of how students are doing. When you mix it with other question types like polls and Drop-pin, all available in our Kahoot!+ Premier subscription,  you can easily gather student feedback using surveys in your classroom! Brainstorm and word cloud are other features you can use to get each learner’s voice heard. We have also added slide reactions, empowering students to share their thoughts on your lesson slides in real time with a range of fun emojis! Brainstorm and Word Cloud are available for all users with EDU subscriptions.

use case example for Kahoot!'s new question type Scale. Question asks students to rate difficulty level of reviewed chapter on a scale from 1-10

Build future-ready skills with the new Kahoot! Sparks tool!

Make creative sparks fly with Sparks, a brand-new teaching tool on the Kahoot! platform that stirs imagination while developing future-ready skills in every learner! Sparks is an instructional activity where educators prompt students with a creative challenge to develop solutions called ‘Sparks.’ Once a spark is created, it guides students through the process of sharing them with peers, remixing them into innovations, and celebrating the merits of each idea together in class. Designed to be flexible and inclusive for all learners, Sparks cultivates skills such as creative confidence, divergent thinking, and evaluation. It encourages student voice and self-expression, sparking lots of laughter too! Available only on Kahoot! EDU.

two students playing Kahoot! sparks. One of the students is holding up her iPad to show a drawing of a dog she made in Kahoot! sparks

Join Kahoot! Teachers of Awesome, our global ambassador community
We’re so grateful to have partnered with educators and Kahoot! Teachers of Awesome to bring powerful learning experiences to classrooms and around the world. It’s also a moment to applaud all educators who took place at all ambassador-led events in 2023. Your stories inspire our vision to make learning awesome, motivating us at Kahoot! to always do our best to meet your needs with new tools and features.

Kahoot! Ambassadors are a treasured community of curious minds, enthusiastic collaborators, and passionate educators, all of whom are true advocates for game-based learning. Our community makes Kahoot! awesome, and our ambassadors help ensure other users get the most out of their Kahoot!’ing experience. Our application process is open for Teachers of Awesome. Are you interested in joining our strong community in 2024? Fill in the application form today!

Access all of our latest features and transform your teaching with time-saving tools in 2024 with Kahoot!+

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We’re working on many updates to help you make learning even more awesome this year. Spoiler alert: It’s going to be epic!