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10 Questions

Nat Geo Bee (Official) Awesome Adventures

What's the best way to prepare for the National Geographic Bee? Practice! This Awesome #Adventures #GeoBee quiz highlights adventurous places and things to do all over the #worl...

  1. You can hike to the top of Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain, in which country?
  2. Runners travel about 150 miles in a desert race called the Gobi March in which Asian country?
  3. Lake Constance lies on the border between Switzerland, Germany, and which other country?
  4. You can hang glide over the city of Rio de Janeiro in which South American country?
  5. Climbers can explore the ice on the Athabasca Glacier in Alberta in which country?
  6. You can go bungee jumping on South Island in which country located in the South Pacific?
  7. Kayakers can paddle on Lake Baikal in Siberia in which country?
  8. Climb one of the tallest sand dunes in the world in which country south of Angola?
  9. Mont Blanc massif is located on the border between France, Switzerland, and what other country?
  10. Volunteers can feed, walk, and wash elephants near Kathmandu in which Asian country?