Mrs Wordsmith
12 Questions

Twist My Words

Mrs Wordsmith doesn't just crave coffee, she craves attention. Test yourself on academic, Tier 2 #words that have more than one meaning. Suitable for all ages, this is the #voca...

  1. I describe thick, heavy clouds. But I can also describe a stupid person. What word am I?
  2. I describe something that has turned to stone, or if you’re scared stiff. What word am I?
  3. I am an angry bull, a furious argument, and a wild windy storm. What word am I?
  4. I describe a bitter, cold wind. I am also something you do when you eat. Any guesses?
  5. I describe constant sunshine. But I also describe someone on an endless quest. What word am I?
  6. Sailors use me to describe stormy weather. I can also be a terrible mood. What word am I?
  7. My meaning is to completely destroy. Or, to finish every crumb of food in one bit.
  8. Use me when you breathe in. Or, use me if you eat so fast your food just disappears.
  9. I describe a football that's lost all its air. I'm also a word for sadness and disappointment.
  10. I'm used on a hot day when the air feels hot and heavy, or when you can't breathe at all.
  11. I describe lava pouring out of a volcano. Or the moment a riot suddenly starts. What word am I?
  12. I describe an empty room. I'm also the look in your eyes when you gaze blankly ahead.