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Winter kahoot. Image credit:
  • 351 Plays
  • 5K players

Geometry: Dilations and Scale Factors

Verify experimentally the properties of dilations given by a center and a scale factor. Geometry, based on Common Core standard G-SRT.1, based on TEKS standard G-3

How much do you know about Santa. Image credits:
  • 24.9K Plays
  • 48.8K players

Santa Claus: how much do you know about him?

Jovial, generous, legendary, white-bearded – it’s all about him, Santa Claus! How much exactly do you know about Santa? Test your knowledge in this Christmas quiz. Ho-ho-ho!

Winter kahoot. Image credit: Unsplash
  • 178 Plays
  • 1K players

Geometry: Pythagorean Theorem Word Problems

Find missing distances in real life situations involving right triangles using the Pythagorean Theorem. Geometry, based on Common Core standard G-SRT.8, based on TEKS standard G-Q.2, G-Q.1

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