Holiday season, that magical time of the year! This is a perfect occasion to look back, reflect on this year’s events and, as we’re about to step into the new one, take a minute to celebrate achievements. Let’s reflect and celebrate together! Here’s Kahoot!’s year in review.

Amplified your inspiring stories

Kahoot! is played in classrooms and other social settings by more than 50 million people all over the world. Each and every one of them has a unique story of disrupting learning, helping classroom heroes unleash their powers and making complex topics fun through games.

We love hearing about your Kahoot! experiences and we’re proud to amplify your voice, sharing your wonderful experiences with the world, and inspiring other educators. Don’t miss these stories on our blog, shared by amazing Edu heroes. To name just a few:

  • Carol Salva connects learners from all over the world in her ESL classes,
  • Nancy Foote hasn’t stopped teaching even in times of illness,
  • Steve Sherman makes science exciting for every student,
  • Leslie Fisher mastered every single feature in Kahoot! and has tons of tips for taking your game to the next level,
  • Jack Quinn helps his class become champions in exams,
  • Rachelle Dene Poth encourages her students to shape their own learning,
  • Sean Gaillard knows all about teamwork between learners, teachers and the principal.

And, of course, the wonderful Mr Warren, who took a really creative approach to telling his Kahoot! story! This music video blew our minds, and if this year had a soundtrack, this would’ve been it!

Hope to feature YOUR story on our blog next year!

Reached 1 billion cumulative players!

2017 was off to a great start, and in March we reached 1 billion cumulative players on our platform. Staggering! This spectacular growth is, of course, thanks to you, our awesome community. Shall we write down another billion for our New Year’s resolution? 😉

Released our new mobile app

Make homework awesome! With this mission, we launched the new Kahoot! app that lets you assign kahoots as homework and takes Kahoot!’ing beyond classrooms. Special kudos to those of you who helped us test and improve the app during its beta days!

Created Kahoot! Plus for workplace superheroes

Over a million corporate employees play Kahoot! at work. To tailor the Kahoot! experience for workplace superheroes, we released Kahoot! Plus, a premium version for businesses. Game branding, advanced reports, inviting other trainers to collaborate on kahoots and more cool extras will help to make training fun and engaging. Like this:

Launched Kahoot! Studio with curriculum-aligned games

It seems like it was just the other day when we launched Kahoot! Studio, but its original games have already reached 8 million players – wow! Kahoot! Studio is our special unit that offers curriculum-aligned, ready-to-play kahoots for math, science, history and ELA. You can find these collections right on Kahoot!’s start page. What subjects and topics would you like to see next?

Chosen to join the Disney Accelerator program

Kahoot! was picked to be one of the eleven companies to participate in the prestigious Disney Accelerator. We’re thrilled to collaborate on projects with Disney through the program, connecting with the creativity and expertise of the The Walt Disney Company. More details on the projects to come in the next few months – stay tuned!

Moved to our new home –

In June, we launched our new website at with a new look and tons of new content. Our new Explore section with themed kahoot collections and Library with practical resources got a warm welcome from you! Speaking of collection – don’t miss our Holiday calendar with fun quizzes for your family and friends.

In addition to all of this, we made a lot of new friends, learned about wildly creative ways to Kahoot! from you, worked on some exciting challenges, and now, we look forward to the new year with a bunch of new ideas!

Teachers of awesome, classroom superheroes, workplace champions and all quizmasters out there – thank you for a fantastic 2017! Happy holidays! Enjoy this magical time with your loved ones. See you next year – we look forward to carrying on Kahoot!’ing together! 🙂

P.S. Celebrate holidays with Kahoot! Treat your family and friends with some festive quizzes from our special “Holiday picks” collection. Before New Year’s eve, we’ll add some 2017 wrap-up kahoots!