Recently, Kahoot! has launched a series of webinars titled: “Make Distance Learning Awesome” to help educators around the world to easily make this transition as they deal with school closures.

In the most recent webinar, hosts EdTech expert Leslie Fisher and Justin Chando, Principal Product Manager, Education at Microsoft, shared tips and tricks to help teachers to keep their students engaged and motivated such as:

  • Time-saving features – on the Kahoot! Discover page, educators can find millions of kahoots already created by other educators or high-quality, curated kahoots on all different subjects.
  • Question bank – a feature that mines Kahoot!’s database of questions which teachers can use to quickly create kahoot quizzes.
  • Add images as answers – engage pre-readers and students who struggle with text and brings a new level of instruction and fun to different subjects
  • Challenges as homework – teachers can assign kahoots as homework which they can complete at their own pace at home
  • In addition, Justin went over Kahoot!’s integration with Microsoft Teams. Teachers using Microsoft Teams can add a live game of Kahoot! to their virtual meeting to connect with their students. Also, Kahoot! homework challenges can easily be shared to students through Microsoft Teams with the “Share with Teams” feature.

If you missed the webinar, you can watch it here:

Teachers looking for more tips on how to use Kahoot! can download our comprehensive guide to distance learning. Those who wish to sign up for one of our upcoming webinars, can find more information on our dedicated webinars page.