You’re planning the most awesome end-of-year event for your colleagues, and you want it to be extra special for everyone whether they’re attending physically or virtually. It’s a big job, and an important one, because this is where you celebrate the people, the teams, the efforts and successes that defined your year, and motivate everyone for the 12 months to come.

After all: the team that celebrates together, stays together. 

Bond better and make memories

Of course, there are countless things that go into running an end-of-year event your whole company will love. In a time when employees want to be more connected than ever, though, creating those bonding moments between colleagues is paramount.

Kahoot! 360 Spirit was designed to keep organisations engaged and their employees uniquely connected and we’ve loved watching that happen for customers and companies around the world. So, to help you make that element of your gathering a slam-dunk, we’ve picked three useful tactics that are guaranteed to inject life into any event. 

1. Build awesome team spirit from minute one

awesome company event

I noticed after the kahoots, that people started to mingle. Kahoot! really helped with organic interaction.” – Sara Lagerström, Stockholm Employee Committee Member at Nasdaq Sweden

Mingling is part and parcel of any gathering and it’s exactly where the atmosphere for your event begins to build. To start with a bang, mix your colleagues up into teams so they can collaborate and  challenge other teams with some (friendly!) competition. Our new team mode makes this super simple, and guarantees to kick your event off with some awesome energy.  Learn more about Team mode here.

2. Empower your hosting hero

awesome company event

“I have lots of different teams that I help currently, and a lot of my teams refer to me as the Kahoot! Queen!” – Marisa Doria, Associate Planner, Meetings, Events, & Tradeshows at Teleflex

Being the host of big or small events comes with its own stresses. Support your host with some simple engagement tactics to remove any lingering nerves. Example: try starting off your session with a brainstorm and voting to choose the year’s best moment. Everyone’s voice is heard and your host has plenty of material to talk about from the results.

3. Wrap-up your awesome year with a difference

“With Kahoot!, not only is my audience more engaged by being able to participate, but I am also able to reinforce important content. When presenting, there is nothing more valuable than knowing in real-time that I have landed the key points I want to get across!” – Keith Lillico, Learning and Experience Architect

Summarising your company’s awesome year in video or slides is one of the highlights of any end-of-year event. Typically, though, these sessions lack one vital thing: audience participation.

With an interactive Kahoot! presentation, you can build an entirely bespoke session peppered with quiz questions, word clouds, brainstorms and lots more to keep people deeply engaged with the content and with each other. This also means that no matter the content, from metrics to milestones, the message is reinforced through authentic, active participation.

Supercharge your year-end event with engagement today

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