A few weeks ago, we hosted our first ever Kahoot! EDU Summit that brought together over 35,000 educators from around the world for a full day of exciting presentations and discussions with our ambassadors, partners and our team. If you couldn’t attend the event – don’t worry, we’ve recorded all the sessions, and you can watch them to catch up on our PD sessions and product announcements. See this highlight video to get a glimpse:

In the kick-off session of the Kahoot! EDU Summit, we made some big product announcements and previewed what’s coming up to Kahoot! this fall. we made sure to feature many of the exciting new additions coming to Kahoot! this fall. Watch this video for a summary of the main announcements and read on to learn more about the top 10 game-changing updates that will help you make this school year awesome in any learning environment.

1. Kahoot! Academy, new knowledge platform and educator community

In June, we announced Kahoot! Academy – our brand-new global knowledge platform, community, and marketplace. Educators and publishers can share high-quality learning material and join communities based on subjects they teach, their curriculum, and interests. We’ve received an overwhelming response, and thousands of educators have already applied to become Verified educators within Kahoot! Academy! Learn more about how you can apply.

2. Elevate students with social and emotional learning (SEL) kahoots

Together with our Premium Partners, such as Empatico, Peppy Pals and Peekapak, we launched free social and emotional learning collections within Kahoot! Academy. These kahoots can be used in any learning environment and will help you elevate your students, strengthen their self-management, social awareness, decision-making, and relationship skills, and make it easier for them to handle the uncertainties of this school year.

3. Curriculum-aligned kahoots with Marvel Entertainment

In addition to the social and emotional learning collections, Kahoot! Academy has partnered with Marvel Entertainment to provide a wide collection of free, ready-to-play kahoots featuring fan-favorite Marvel characters. Designed for learners and their educators, these kahoots contain content and material from the US Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). The collection serves as a perfect resource for educators to introduce science concepts to their learners in a fun, engaging and imaginative way.

4. The Kahoot! app is now available in Spanish

With students, teachers, parents, and businesses in over 200 countries using Kahoot! to make learning awesome, we continuously strive to make Kahoot! even more accessible and engaging for learners, no matter their age, background, location or language. As the first step in our strategy to make Kahoot! available in more languages, we are extremely happy to announce that we have now made our app for iOS and Android available in Spanish.

5. Groups: new way to collaborate with colleagues

To make it even easier for teachers to connect, share knowledge and co-create learning content, we recently announced Groups, an intuitive new way to collaborate in Kahoot!. Any Kahoot! user can create and manage a group and invite other members to join.

6. New ways to study with Kahoot!

The Kahoot! app reimagines the concept of studying! With our free study modes, students can review content, prepare for tests, and study at home. Flashcards, Practice, Test yourself, and Challenge modes all provide students with self-paced learning in the Kahoot! app. We also launched study leagues– a more engaging and social take on virtual study groups. Students choose the kahoots, decide how to involve their peers, and kick off studying in a competition-based format.

7. Updated support for Apple Schoolwork 2.0 app

Teaching with Kahoot! just got even easier for teachers using Apple Schoolwork, an education app for creating and sharing assignments. To give teachers a more seamless experience with Kahoot!, the game-based learning platform, we have added updated support for Apple Schoolwork 2.0. Watch our special session with Apple Education:

8. Increase engagement by using images as answers

Now, you can engage students of all ages – even those who are only learning to read – by replacing text with images as answer alternatives! This free update brings a new level of instruction and fun to different subjects. For example, math educators can now easily quiz their students on everything from equations to graphs! It will also help language teachers connect words with the correct image.

9. New reports take formative assessment to the next level

The powerful analytics in our updated, free Kahoot! reports take formative assessment to the next level! At the Kahoot! EDU Summit, Kahoot! Ambassador and Kahoot! Academy Verified educator Steve Auslander and Kahoot! Product manager Osama Hanif hosted a dedicated session demonstrating how to make the most of Kahoot! reports and discover actionable insights:

10. Our free PD program, Kahoot! Certified for schools, gets even better!

We are overhauling our popular professional development program to reflect our latest product updates and new teaching realities to help you make the most of Kahoot! in a distance or blended learning environment. Whether you’re new to Kahoot! Certified or have completed the program before, this free update has something in store for everyone! The refreshed Bronze and Silver courses will help you navigate the platform, host a live kahoot in class or remotely, and create engaging kahoots. More course updates are coming soon!

Watch the recordings from the Kahoot! EDU Summit to learn more! And, if you’re looking for more professional development opportunities in the coming months, register for one of our free webinars!

All of these features and more are available to use in Kahoot!, no matter how many teachers are at your school. In fact, soon we will introduce Kahoot! EDU- a new plan that enables admins and school leaders to structure and enhance the way Kahoot! is used inside their schools, districts, or higher-ed institutions. Over 10,000 educational institutions have already deployed multiuser Kahoot! teacher licenses. Please contact us so we can help your organization get started!

And as always, if you have ideas or suggestions on how we can make learning even more awesome, let us know by tweeting @GetKahoot!