We were thrilled to kick off this school year with a successful EDU Meetup attended by thousands of teachers from around the world! With over 100 million classroom kahoots played in the last year, we unpacked how teachers went beyond the quiz and what made Kahoot! the all-in-one platform that educators are reaching for as their go-to engagement, assessment, teaching, and review tool. 

For those teachers who might still be thinking about Kahoot! as “just quiz games” or Friday fun, we revealed the 6 “secrets” you may not know about Kahoot! so that you too can boost your productivity and maximize student engagement in your classroom!

Read below for a brief recap or watch on-demand on the Kahoot! EDU Meetup event page!

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     1. Saves educators time & energy

In a recent survey, over a third of teachers said that more time is the one thing that would help the most in their jobs. With over 200 millions searches for ready-to-play kahoots in the last month, it’s clear that educators are looking for support in being more productive and cutting down on creation time. While the Kahoot! platform gives you access to ready-made premium content from verified educators and exclusive publishers, we’ve also  been working on ways to make Kahoot! creation faster and easier with our new AI-enhanced Kahoot! creator. You can simply type your chosen subject and grade level into our question generator to create kahoots in seconds! And that’s only the beginning, soon you will be able to upload your own PDF documents to our question generator to create kahoots from curriculum aligned resources! One more thing we’re doing to make Kahoot! creation as efficient as possible is introducing a new Quick sessions feature later this year. Educators will be able to spin up new kahoots or start discussions on the fly to make the most of every teachable moment. All of this will be available soon as a part of Kahoot!+ Max, now 20% off for back-to-school at only $9.99/month until September 30.

“AI helps me improve my kahoots, create new ones, and also encourage other teachers to use the platform because of its simplicity.”

     2. Engages students with a variety of ways to play

Going into this school year, teachers are reporting student engagement as one of the biggest hurdles in their profession. That’s why we are constantly building on our engagement platform, creating entirely new student-led game modes and game experiences! We’re leveling up the fun with expansion game packs such as our latest Space game pack including the new Cosmic Conquest game mode, new space characters, themes, music, and more! In our latest game mode, The Lost Pyramid, we’re bringing teamwork, communication, and decision-making to your learning content with a new team game that requires your students to work together, discuss, and agree on a solution together. In addition, we’ve launched Duck-Duck Fractions, a fully cooperative ready-to-play math game that has your students learning fractions with interactive puzzles and collecting rewards as an entire class. Educators are already loving these new game modes for learning while promoting positive classroom culture building!

     3. Empowers students to learn on their own

For those who don’t already know, Kahoot! is a lot more than play! More than half of students use Kahoot! for studying, giving presentations, and completing assignments. To continue to support and enhance student-centered learning, we have been working on solo versions of our game modes like Tallest Tower, Chill Art, and Treasure Trove to motivate and engage students in independent learning. For older students, we’re excited to offer advanced study modes with flashcards, study groups, practice mode, and our new weekly learning goals keep students on top of their studies! We’ve even created Kahoot! Kids for our youngest learners to develop their core skills through play with 10 award-winning learning apps teaching everything from math, reading, and chess to social-emotional skills. Our new solo game modes, study modes, learning apps, and student access to the Kahoot! creator is all a part of student passes that allow you to empower your students to take control of their own learning experiences. 

Is there anything better than Student Initiated Action?! A student created a Weather Kahoot at home and then inspired his classmate to create a Water Cycle Kahoot. A great review and engaging activity!

                   — Katie S, 2nd grade teacher, Florida

     4. Helps students develop future-ready skills

Every aspect of the Kahoot! platform has been designed to develop students’ critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, and communication skills. From our new game modes that are constantly evolving to include more cooperative learning and decision making as a team, to student passes that empower your students to create their own learning experiences and share them with their peers. Now with our latest features like Slide reactions, we are adding in more ways for your students to communicate how they are feeling about a lesson as it’s happening. By giving students the opportunity to convey different emotions, such as like, love, laugh, wow, and ponder, you can do a quick mood check and understand how your learning content is resonating with your class. 

     5. Positively impacts student learning outcomes  

Engagement and learning are not mutually exclusive! In the case of Kahoot!, there have been hundreds of academic studies showing that Kahoot! not only has a positive impact on learning outcomes, but also boosts students’ well-being. Most recently, Kahoot! has been validated against the standards of evidence in the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), aligning with level IV, and we are also in the process of being validated with levels II and III in the near future!

     6. Supports inclusive learning 

Ensuring that Kahoot! makes learning awesome for all students is a top priority for us. That is why we have been working to develop new content, features, and products that expands the Kahoot! experience to all types of learning styles and helps develop an understanding of each other’s unique experiences, strengths, and needs. In our latest initiative, Kahoot! For All, created with the support of the Lego Foundation, we have created our new Uniting Minds content collection to teach about neurodiversity, and will soon be launching a new Sparks tool catered to teaching with the neaurodiverse experience in mind! We have also partnered with DK to create the new Kahoot! Quiz Time science trivia book series, perfect for students who like to read and test their knowledge of their favourite topics like animals, space, and the human body, and more coming soon!

Thank you for making this event awesome!

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s Kahoot! EDU Meetup! You made this event truly awesome! Don’t forget to re-watch your favorite sessions and take advantage of our back-to-school offer to get access to all the new great features that were introduced with 20% off Kahoot!+ Premier and Kahoot!+ Max until September 30.

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